The classic lingerie minimalistic design passes any trendy style to reach for more. It perfectly hugs your chest, giving you that slight cleavage look covering your bust and giving you that it-girl glamorous. 

Soft triangle bras are comfortable with the versatile plunged neckline and work flawlessly with low-cut tops and dresses. They are wireless and comfy to wear all day long.

  • Triangle bra for your natural look:

Triangle bras hug your curves to give a more enhanced natural look without affecting the shape of your chest. These bras can be sexy and bold like any fancy lingerie that will support your bust with a bold pushup. 

  • Who can wear a soft triangle bra?

It provides enough support to small to medium to even large busts. They are lightweight, with a large chest for triangle bras that have seamed cups, thick straps, and a supportive hook in the back to fit your body flawlessly. 

A brand like Savara Intimates revolutionized the bra system by combining bra straps that adjust with the width of your body. Savara Intimates triangle bras are made with sustainable material and stretchable cups that will last longer than others. 

  • Choose your fit with a triangle bra according to your body:

Triangle bras are best for medium and small chests. You can choose light, perfect summer outfits. A little underwire triangle bra will be the best option. 

For a large chest, you can always wrap around with a Savara intimates triangle bra that will have a good hold on your body of any size. So, flaunt your deep V neck top or dress or drop armholes that can create perfect cleavage. You can always opt for a shirt with lace details. But always remember to avoid wearing triangle tops or tight tops.  

Points to remember while buying your triangle bra:

  1. When purchasing a triangle bra or any other bra, always keep in mind the level of support it will provide depending on its shape.
  2. Having a thin band in the triangle will provide less support. Having a wide band with boning is more supportive than a thin one.  
  3. According to the brand, triangle bras are available in XS to 4Xl or cup sizes. Opting for cups with underwire will give you better coverage and comfy all at once.   
  4. For a round-shaped body, it is better to remember to take up on a bralette for a fancier look, but it will not give a comfortable feeling while wearing a t-shirt. 
  5. Soft triangle bras often come with removable padded inserts to customize your level of coverage, having an endless styling option.
  6. Having triangle bras in your closet is a must. It is made with breathable fabric and mesh lining that holds your chest accordingly for a lightweight experience and sleep on it.


Whether your special occasion or just for lounging at home, soft triangle bras are the best. If you are finding it hard to get the right size bra for your body, visiting a lingerie store with a bra fitting option can help you save from the frustrating bra shopping experience only to be disappointed. Learning about your bra size will help you save time and money.