While starting up any brand or company, the company name establishes a unique presence like a logo representing your business identity to your potential customers across the globe. A custom logo designs the company apart from the competitors.

What is Copyright?

Copyright means a legal right that defines your ownership of a particular work, task, or design. It helps protect your logo from commercial exploitation of the creative work keeping its uniqueness. It becomes crucial for a brand to copyright its logo design and retains its identity. 

If a competitor uses the logo design, then this is a copyright infringement that you can take action against the company. 

To claim the Copyright for Logo infringement, you need to determine:

  • There should be evidence of copying, not just coincidental similarities.
  • That you own the original logo by revealing the copy of copyright registration. 

What is copyright registration?

To prove the claim of your logo and avoid the legal battles, copyright registration is inevitable for a company to record their name by submitting a copy of the brand or artistic work to be held as evidence. 

Copyright provides you with:

If you are unsure whether to invest in Copyright protection for your logo, here are the reason to seek rights:

  1. Get Exclusive Rights for your brand:

For a brand’s growth, keeping the loose ends tight is crucial. So getting exclusive copyright registered for your business can help you stand out from the crowd and avoid people copying your image or logo. The exclusive right is obtainable with copyright and trademark protection only. Regardless of their location, you can sue anyone who copies or use your logo.  

  1. Protecting your Company’s Reputation:

With registered copyright protection with trademark rights, you can stop other companies from hoarding your logo to adapt and grow their business. With the legal right claim under your name, you are less likely to suffer from the damage to your reputation.  

  1. Brand recognition:

Brand recognition is critical for the company’s growth, and a copyrighted logo will act as intellectual property. It gives value to your business if some enterprise buys your company in the future. They will have access to your logo where brand recognition is necessary. 

  1. You Gain Trust:

Having copyrights on your brand assets can help you gain trust from potential customers. Customers are now wary of these counterfeit and low-quality products’ availability, so having copyright laws could help you to stand out as a professional entity. 

  1. Growing your business organically:

With a registered copyright, you can help your business grow at your speed, by taking advantage of new opportunities to spread new markets globally. Seeking legal experts to protect the company’s reputation is necessary. These professionals specialize in intellectual property laws. 

If someone tries to use your business logo and use it without permission, you can send a cease-and-desist letter or file a DMCA complaint. Copyright for logos can help remove the content from the internet containing stolen and copied logos. 


Having copyright registered for your logo will help you overcome disasters like stealing your logo and reputation. It can give you eminent defenses for your growing company. Copyrighting a logo can be a tiring process. However, protecting your brand asset is crucial for your organization.