To become successful in life, the role of hard work and determination has its significance. A person has to make lots of efforts to gain expertise in a particular field, which can be done with the help of passion and hard work. Following it, Aaron Dungca is one such personality who has been working in various fields for the last many years.

He was birthed and raised in the Philippines and his family immigrated to the United States of America in the year 1997. In the beginning, he created different opportunities for himself in the field of sports, civic duties, and academics. With his interest in basketball, track and field, and football, he also managed to become the captain in these sports. After some time when he gained good knowledge, he also served as a football and basketball coach.

Along with this, he also served as a physical education teacher and wellness teacher. In addition to this, he also served as a technology associate and marketing associate. As a market associate, he was responsible for effectively managing the daily administrative tasks. Aaron also prepared different reports on sales metrics and marketing. He also analyzed and collected consumer behavior data for better feedback. To make the product and services more sustainable, he also conducted marketing research and identifies new opportunities.

In the year 2015, he began to serve as Operations Manager and was responsible for coordinating 500 weekly guest reservations with the help of Kronos point sales application. He also ensured adequate staffing and was also given the responsibility to recruited new staff. Aaron also trained the new staff on customer service, fundamentals of safety, and daily responsibilities. He assisted in the troubleshooting of incorrect employee timesheets the ensuring proper payment as well.

In his 3 years of working as Operations Manager, he delivered high-quality customer service with the help of an enhanced customer service experience. It also includes weekly professional development training programs for on-site employees, which resulted in a 50% increase in revenue and customers within the first year of employment. He also provided team members with both constructive and positive feedback to ensure the finest performance by each employee. He also showed his leadership qualities as Operations Manager by doing the proper management of deliverables, schedules, and customer requests. Thus, with his willpower and hard work, Aaron Dungca shows that a person can become successful and achieve the main goal in life.