There are several things you need to know while thinking of bathroom vanity. Firstly, pit into consideration your bathroom size, vanity position, material, and your personal needs. It will make you figure out about style, shape, and colors since it’s a counter piece of your bathroom and something you’ll use daily. here are things to consider before making the final choice that will bring you satisfaction

  • Size and Layout

How does your current bathroom vanity fit you in terms of size? Try measuring the size considering your needs in your mind. It will help see if changes in size could help you make better use of space in your bathroom. here are tips to consider while deciding on a layout

  • Plumbing location
  • The distance between sink and wall
  • The position of electric switches and outlets so as they are not hard to reach or blocked
  • Distance between a cabinet and toilet bowl; about 18.”
  • Storage Requirements

Storage  requirements are also another thing to know concerning bathroom vanity in terms of

  • Listings the things you need in your vanity to get an actual picture of storage needs
  • Counting all items that need access to an electrical outlet and how you might need to use them.
  • Number id people who’ll use the vanity, how are they going to organize their items?
  • Height

Typically, the height of a bathroom vanity falls between 32″ to 39″. Regardless of the height of the vanity, vessels sink or semi-recessed will add a few inches on a countertop. If you buy vanity without a countertop, that’s another thing to measure. It should be 1 inch deeper and wider than the cabinet. 

  • Depth

Considering your floor space, pay attention to the depth of cabinet you are buying. Note that you’ll have to open cabinet doors or drawers; therefore, you should have enough room around your vanity. Smaller vanities would be easier to arrange and practical as larger ones would limit your movement and occupy much space.

  • Vanity Types

Bathroom vanity comes in different styles, majorly classified as inbuilt vanities and freestanding vanities. For freestanding vanities, they come in a different style, each suited to space requirements, storage, and style.

Inbuilt vanities are usually positioned into; galley layout or kept into a single horizontal line on one wall.

  • Sinks

When it comes to the sink, consider several things if you are buying it separately. Ensure it fits into the cabinet considering cabinet doors, shelves, and height of the plumbing. also, you can still put into consideration your personal needs; cleaning, height, and appearance

  • Recessed

The most common sink on the bathroom vanity is usually mounted underneath the countertop, where it’s easy to reach and clean. 

  • Vessels 

It’s perfect for those who want to get something extraordinary. they come in different sizes, materials, and sizes to choose from.

  • Drop-in

Drop-in is somewhere between vessels and recessed sinks. It adds attention to vanity like a vessel but without much height.


There are many things to learn about bathroom vanity, others including faucets and width. Therefore having all this knowledge, you’ll find it an easy decision to make while buying a bathroom vanity.