Home cracks are a common issue, but if they are not fixed, they can lead to leaks, which can seriously harm your house. There are several ways to remedy this. The most crucial step is identifying a fix that will stop new cracks from developing. One solution might be PU grouting.

To stop water from leaking through cracks or openings in the concrete of building structures, polyurethane (PU) injection or grouting is a waterproofing technique. Does it change the way your interior is built? The fact that the process may go by many names in the business, such as PU injection grouting, PU injection waterproofing, and PU injection repair, might need to be clarified.

PU grouting is a great option for stopping water leaks because of its quick cure time and affordable price. Due to its low viscosity, it can expand and fill small gaps to stop future leaks. The resin also keeps its elasticity after injection, permitting future movement in the structure while maintaining the gaps’ seal.

Process of PU Injection Repair

As was already noted, one of the most suggested waterproofing methods is PU grouting. The steps for PU waterproofing are as follows, although this work should only be done by qualified individuals using qualified tools.


Cleaning aids the technician’s inspection, analysis, and determination of the placement and spacing of the holes in the area. Additionally, it eliminates mineral stains left over by the water leak.


Drilling is essential in creating injection holes so that resin may be injected into the crack. Drilling should be done at an angle of no more than 45 degrees toward the thickest portion of the structure. The drilling space between the holes should be between 20 and 30 cm.

Insert Packers

The technician will insert a grouting nozzle injection packer in the drilled hole. Additionally, they will tighten it using a unique hexagonal wrench so that there is no space between the drilling hole and the nozzle for water to flow through.

Seam Cleaning

The technician will use a high-pressure cleaning device to inject clean water into the mechanical packers at a pressure of 6Mpa in order to remove the dust from the seam of the area.

Sealing Cracks

To prevent the polyurethane from seeping out during the washing step, the surface of the leaking cracks is covered with a cement-based impervious substance.


The technician will inject the polyurethane into the hole using a high-pressure pu injection grouting machine. They will start injecting the resin one hole at a time as they raise the grouting equipment from the bottom up.

Removing the Packers

If there are no further leaks after grouting, the technician will remove the grouting nozzle and clean up any irrigation fluid that may have leaked and solidified.


The expert will next patch and waterproof the concrete area where the injection was made.


The technician will smear the grouting area with a single-component waterproof substance that is 10–20 cm wide and 20–30 cm long at both ends to completely reinforce the area.

PU injection grouting is a simple and affordable fix for crack and leak repairs. Because the technique merely requires injecting resin into concrete fractures, there is no need to carve away your floor or walls. Since it is a less labor-intensive, safer way, you will save a lot of money.