Can I afford to buy a 4 room HDB flat in the public sector? Is this the most frequent top question that pops up in the minds of many? The process of voting and loans alone gives enough information to consider. But, there are more factors to consider other than the cost of borrowing.


They are fairly easy to obtain if your credit score is satisfactory. What you should think about is the ease with which you are able to live and provide for your family every day as you pay off the loan over a long period of time.

The Size

Imagine the possibility of your parents moving into your home or are adding a member to your household. Make plans in advance so that when you experience an unexpected event, it isn’t necessary to worry about moving and buying a new home. Make sure you plan in proportion to your budget.


It is crucial to ask the owner of the property about neighbors. If a neighbor (or the owner) is constantly harassed by loan sharks or has numerous parties that run late into the night, it is important to know this before making your final choice. If you are able, speak with your neighbors and determine your own opinion if it’s a neighborhood you’d like to live in in the near future.


Flats that are less sought-after or in mature regions tend to be less expensive. But, it could mean that you spend more money on transport. Therefore, it is advisable to determine what services are available nearby and the length of time it will take you to commute to work by public transportation first.


Whether it’s brand used or a new flat, have someone inspect it. HDB offers this service at an expense and is extremely thorough. Take advantage of this. It is not just to determine the worth of the property but also to make sure that everything is working properly. It can help you reduce costs and also get repairs solved by the owner before the lease is transferred.


Are you able to afford enough money to fund improvements? Do you have enough cash to pay your monthly loan? Are you able to pay for your own expenses? What about your family? It’s a challenge, but ensure that you don’t be a victim of borrowing more than you can pay for. If you can comfortably manage a three-bedroom apartment, do not push for an apartment with five rooms. If you feel you’ll need more space, be sure to save money before you jump into it.


Ideally, you would not wish to live in a home that is exposed to maximum glare from the sun. Curtains and blinds will help, but they run the danger of making your home uncomfortable while driving air conditioning costs up. The sun’s rays on your kitchen are great because they will make drying clothes easy.


Find out how much crime is present in your prospective area. If the area you could reside in is an area that is secluded or there are a lot of trees and bushes that make walking around at night look dangerous, you may need to reconsider your decision even if the cost is acceptable. If there’s an officer station nearby, or the area is well-lit and surrounded by hawker centers and stores like 7-11, it will be a safer place to live in. While crime levels are usually low in Singapore, the local police will claim that low crime does not mean there’s no crime. So, talk with your neighbors and do your investigation.Take all of these aspects carefully. It isn’t necessary for a 4 room HDB flat to achieve top marks in every category. However, if it meets the criteria for living, it is worth considering.