Lawns are essential for garden development. A good lawn can improve the look of a house and increase its utility. This will also add value to the property. A lawn is perfect for planting a border, shrubbery, specimen tree, or flowering shrub.

It is one of the most resilient perennial herbs. Maintaining a lawn is easy, but one must take care. Garden lovers should remember that 75% depends on the appearance of a lawn. A lawn that isn’t maintained correctly will soon become useless.

Below are some of the many aspects of lawn care:

  1. Taking care of the lawn

Controlling weeds is an essential aspect of lawn care Rockland County, NY. If you ignore your lawn, weeds can quickly overtake the grass and cause it to become unhealthy. All weeds must be removed from the roots and should not be allowed to germinate.

  1. Rolling a Lawn

Rolling is used to anchoring the grass and keep it level. Rolling after every weeding is possible in sandy soil. Avoid rolling when the soil is still wet. There are many types of lawn rollers on the market.

  1. Mowing the lawn

Pruning lawn grass, i.e., Mowing, is another essential operation. The amount of growth determines the frequency of Mowing. This will change from season to season. Grass should not grow to more than 5-6cm in any given season. A good machine should be able to cut the grass evenly and at the right height.

  1. Take care of the lawn.

To remove grass clippings from the mower box, it is important to sweep the lawn after every Mowing. To remove fallen leaves or debris, sweep the lawn every morning.

  1. Watering your lawn

It is better to frequent light irrigation than heavy flooding over long periods. Winter dew should be brushed into the grass using a hosepipe. This will prevent the dew from evaporating. Sprinkler irrigation can save you a lot of labor and water.

  1. Raking and scraping the lawn

An old lawn’s lower portion may become matted and woody, leading to complex crust formation. In April and May, a sickle is used to cut ground-level grass.

To break up the crust, the scrape is followed by raking. If the lawn is in good condition, raking hard and thoroughly is necessary to loosen old runners and aerate the soil.

  1. Top-dressing a lawn

After scraping and raking, the compost containing good garden soil, coarse sand, and cow manure is spread on the lawn to a depth of 3-5cm. A 100kg of compost is required for each 100 sq. It will take approximately 100 kg of compost per 100 sq. m. This should be done before the monsoon begins.