In this era of smartphones and high-speed internet, your website is your most important and biggest business asset. Your website is a 24*7 salesman, is a make-or-break element of your marketing efforts that affects the perception of your brand, generates traffic, conversion and Google rankings.

With always changing digital ends, you can feel your website is getting outdated. Undoubtedly, contacting an expert Sonoma website designer to re-design your website might be ideal, however, here are some simple tips and tricks that can help you improve your website’s user experience.

Consistent Layout

Any professional website designer would happily agree on being consistent throughout your website helping visitors to be able to recognize your brand. Design your business website which is easy to use and elicit a consistent brand image across all the web pages. Consistency can be brought by using brand colors, similar content tone, same fonts, similar style, and design throughout your website.

A similar layout throughout all pages highlights your call-to-action and brings more attention to users to it. Placing right contact forms or CTA buttons at the same location on all pages is more likely to fetch more clicks and hence more conversions.

Easy to Use & Concise Navigation

The navigation bar serves as the GPS system of your website and guides your visitors.  The menu bar should use easy-to-understand language. It should not have too many options as it might leave users to overwhelm and confuse. Use text and images indicating a visual hierarchy simplifying navigation for the users.

The services or product web page should always have a suggestion button on what users must do next. A CTA is necessary at the end to build rapport and encourage visitors to purchase what you have to offer.

Responsive and Mobile-friendly

With the rapid advancement in technology, people are using their smartphones to search through the products and services online. Thus, it is vital for your website design to load properly and quickly on cell phones. People are more likely to leave your business website if it not mobile-friendly. Moreover, Google is penalizing websites if they are not mobile optimized, making it imperative than ever to be responsive.

There are many tools available online with which you can test your website for mobile-friendliness.

Quick Page Load Speed

Today, life has become so busy that people do not have time to waste. People have no patience left especially when it comes to slow website loading speeds. If your website does not load within three seconds, then you risk losing your website visitors to your competitors. Google takes page load speed very seriously and is very crucial when it comes to SEO rankings.

Unorganized database content can affect your website’s loading speed to a great extent. Arrange the blog posts, product or service offerings, and other content into relevant categories to enhance the speed of your website.

Utilize More White Space

Professional webs designer prefers more white space around text and headlines to increase a user’s attention as they can focus easily instead of getting distracted by the sidebar or other content. White space makes your content more legible and the more they focus on your content, images, contact information, services, and products or any CTA, the more engaged they will be.

Final Thought

There are lots of things that result in positive user experience for visitors. In Sonoma, website designer with expertise and immense experience can help you design your website with an excellent user experience which is sure to give you a large return on your investment.