Success comes with hard work, and to be a successful SAP consultant, one must put in a lot of effort and patience. SAP functions in various areas, and you can branch out into any of them based on your needs and career goals. Planning is the first step toward success. Before working with SAP, a professional must understand the scope, challenges, and expectations. Christopher Salis, an expert SAP strategist, offers insights into how to become a successful SAP consultant.

Let’s explore:

Expansion of Expertise

True, you have mastered one SAP module, such as SAP FI or SAP CO. However, you must also be familiar with other SAP modules. As an SAP consultant, you must be a jack of all trades as well as a master of your specialty. It is not plausible to have a comprehensive understanding of all SAP modules, but you should be familiar with the fundamental aspects of other domains. As a result, expertise diversification is critical. To advance successfully as an SAP consultant, you must be aware of what’s going on throughout SAP modules and keep up to date.

Avail Good Training

Chris Salis says to progress beyond foundational SAP knowledge, it is critical to complete a good SAP training program. You can obtain genuine SAP training programs to supplement your self-study. SAP has a wide range of training programs available. To improve your knowledge, you can choose between online SAP training and SAP classroom training, or you can enroll in a good instructor or SAP learning group. There are numerous options available, and it is up to you to select the best one for you.

Discover More Domains

It is advantageous to have expertise in more than one field. You must expand your knowledge and skills beyond your current capabilities and should not be limited to a single domain. It is ideal for improving your horizons of software applications and how to incorporate or optimize architecture as you advance professionally. As a result, learning more domains is an essential step toward a successful SAP career.

Build Your Network

Christopher Salis believes it is critical to have a large network within the industry to achieve success in the business world. Building a network is important not only for gaining traction and references but also for expanding knowledge and staying current in the real world. Social media platforms and discussion forums are excellent places to meet other SAP experts. The theory is always valued less than practical knowledge.

Be in Vogue

Obtaining a credential isn’t the epilogue of your success. You must stay current with the SAP universe and the latest updates. Knowledge is a dynamic process, and you must be aware of everything that is going on in the SAP programs and applications to keep up with the changes. You can stay up to date on SAP program updates by joining SAP professional associations and forums and subscribing to SAP portals.

About Christopher Salis

Christopher Salis is a start-up advisor and an expert SAP strategist based in San Francisco. He has a long history of rich experience working with top multinational corporations like eBay, GAP Inc, SAP, and Adecco Employment Services. Chris has held the positions of Global Vice President and Head of Portfolio Go to Market at SAP Company, as well as Global Vice President and General Manager, Line of Business Solutions for Procurement. In addition to this, he is the proud father of two sons and resides in San Mateo, California, with his family right now.