What is a Bitcoin ATM?
A Bitcoin ATM allows you to purchase and trade bitcoin for cash easily. Unlike bitcoin exchanges that only accept bank transfers or credit/debit cards, these machines instantly convert digital currency for cash.
How Long Would It Take To Get My Bitcoin?
After the transaction, the Bitcoin appears in the wallet after 1–2 minutes.
What Should I Bring to Purchase from the Bitcoin ATM?
You will need to bring a few items for your first visit to a Metrofino Bitcoin ATM.
Mobile Phone
Valid ID
Bitcoin Wallet

1. Metrofino BTM
We make it simple to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies in Michigan with Metrofino BTM. Most sites are open 24/7. We employ the latest technologies to process your transactions instantly. Never store a copy of your private keys. After purchase, your coins are yours alone. If you buy frequently, you can join our VIP club and get special pricing at any of our Bitcoin ATMs.

2. Coinclouds

CoinCloud is a nationwide network of high-end digital currency ATMs. With over 4000 machines, it offers private, white-glove customer services. It lets users buy bitcoin and over 30 other digital currencies with credit cards or wallets.

3. Shinrai

Shinrai provides financial service providers with unique technology solutions to use digital currencies in their everyday transactions and processes. The company began in 2014. It provides cutting-edge bitcoin tools, services, and solutions to clients’ IT infrastructures. This allows people to transact bitcoins from anywhere.

4. Walmart

Walmart is the world’s largest revenue company. It has launched bitcoin ATMs at big-box stores where customers may buy cryptocurrencies. Coinstar is well-known for allowing customers to swap coins for gift cards or cash. Converting bitcoin into cash is now possible thanks to Coinme, a cryptocurrency wallet, and payment company.

5. CoinFlip

A crypto automated teller machine from CoinFlip allows you to purchase and sell bitcoins with cash, cards, or bank transfers. Its objective is to make cryptocurrency use simple, safe, and quick. It thinks blockchain can be used for everything. CoinFlip aims to revolutionise cryptography.

6. DOBI atm

DOBI is a leading blockchain cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer. It sells hardware and software globally. It helps new operators with AML/KYC issues. DOBI guarantees clients that the market is still open and that no crypto ATMs exist. So choosing the right site is critical for new businesses to generate money.

7. Phoenix crypto

This is the premier cryptocurrency dealer and operator of crypto automated teller machines in Arizona. With a small team of crypto enthusiasts, the company has increased. It is a customer-oriented organisation that is quick to respond and willing to help in any financial difficulty.

8. Moon Zebra

Moon Zebra, a Maltese business, provides coin exchange and payment solutions. It was built as Malta’s first two-way cryptocurrency ATM. Moon Zebra also offers virtual asset solutions to supplement existing payment gateways.

9. LocalCoin

LocalCoins objective is to help clients buy and trade digital currencies while protecting their privacy. It is Canada’s largest Bitcoin ATM network, with over 500 machines in 8 provinces. It is noted for its blockchain infrastructure innovation.

10. Coinsource

Another popular Bitcoin ATM. Companies that make purchasing and trading BTC with cash fast and straightforward. Customer accounts can be set up remotely from anywhere. This decreases ATM wait times.