If you’re thinking of beginning a new trucking career, you have probably been finding out how to enrol in CDL(Certified Driving License) classes. The Department of Transportation requires all drivers to obtain CDL before being able to drive trucks professionally. 

Key factors can make the difference in choosing the best driving school for your career. You want your overall educational experience to be organized with enough in-room learning alongside real in-truck practice. A ‘Class 3’ training in Edmonton can also be an advancement to driving larger commercial vehicles, as it equips you with the necessary experiences in the heavy vehicle driving industry. 


Your driving school’s types of equipment should contemplate a real-world representation of what you’re more likely to encounter with carriers across the country. The types of equipment should be taken care of, well-maintained and reasonably modern also not lack any important safety features or functions. Likewise, the instructors there should be completely experienced and trained at explaining the bits and bobs of the tools that you’ll be using during your driving school experience. 

Safety Culture

Any driving school’s safety culture and practices are the most important aspect of your beginning a new career. For example, students should learn about a truck and trailer’s area cushion, which means the height and width clearance, to educate them about safe driving or loading and unloading practices. Course instructors have too rigid about proper safety practice culture and precautions, and that mindset could begin would-be truck drivers down a slippery slope trend.


We’re frequently left to decide our career’s fate based on external factors, specifically quality, that align with our goals and personal values. We choose our buddies based on a core set of common interests and shared ideals. When inspecting for the best truck driving school for your needs, we shall apply the same criteria. Find out what is the quality of services and other ratings to measure if the routine fits you.

Comprehensive Program

It’s well-accepted truth that we learn more from experience than from studying, so you should ensure that any programs you are partaking in aren’t only comprehensive and include a healthy mix of in-classroom instruction, a bigger ambit, and on-the-road practical training. You can’t learn certain things until you do it, so make sure you get to spend some time in the vehicle and behind the wheel.

Job Placement 

Remember that your ultimate goal is to start a successful truck driving career, so you should pick out a training school with a remarkable track file for putting drivers with top companies. Examine whether or not the programmes offer any personal coaching or if they are partners with local companies. Please don’t be hesitant to ask schools what their success rate is with recent graduates finding work.


In Edmonton, you can search and apply for specific jobs that are open in your area before, during or after completing truck driving school.