When designing a new headquarters, it can be tempting to stick with the same design trends you’ve seen repeatedly. After all, it’s no use trying to shake up the status quo when designing an entire office complex. But, how can you take your new office from good to great without repeating the same mistakes of your past? Incorporating a few common office design trends into your new headquarters can completely transform its atmosphere and set it apart from your competitors. Read on for our list of the top design trends for your new headquarters office design.

Corporate Colors 

Corporate colors are the first step in designing your new headquarters. You’ll want to maintain a cohesive look and feel for your company while still making sure it feels at home. Your corporate colors should be noticeable from accents to furniture and even down to the pens on your writing desk.

Open-Plan Workspaces 

Open-plan workspaces are trending in a big way. One major benefit of open-plan designs is that they foster collaboration and teamwork. Employees can interact more efficiently, which leads to faster response times and office satisfaction. Open-plan offices also can increase productivity levels because employees are always under the watchful eye of their boss. When you design your new headquarters with an open-plan layout, tell your employees that you trust them and want to empower them, leading to higher engagement levels.

 Floating Desks

A floating desk is one of the biggest trends in office design right now. It’s easy to see why—floating desks are perfect for people who work from home or for a small business that doesn’t need all the traditional space desks take up. They’re also great because they free up more space in your office, which means you can have more room for a conference or break room. Floating desks don’t have to be an option; they can be the centerpiece of your new headquarters design.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is one of the most popular trends in office design today. This new technology creates an immersive experience for your employees and clients, increasing productivity, employee satisfaction, and customer loyalty. You can implement virtual reality into your workspace by providing headsets and letting your employees use them. You can also create a designated space for employees to visit using virtual reality equipment if they don’t have a headset at their desk.

Co-Working Spaces 

Offering co-working spaces will attract young and innovative employees. That will give your new headquarters a fresh look, and it will also provide an opportunity to rebrand and rethink the company culture.

Rise of the Artificial Intelligence Workspace 

One of the latest office design trends is an office space that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI). AI assistants can interpret human emotions and interact with humans more naturally in these spaces. For example, if you ask an AI assistant for help, it will be able to understand your emotion, react accordingly, and provide you with the correct information.


Companies seeking new ways to offer employees the best work experience possible can stay competitive in today’s digital office environment. Considering the above-discussed designs for your new headquarters office design, you will make your headquarters the best place for your clients and employees.