As India’s population grows, the need for transportation also increases, with all vehicles demanding lubricants for smooth movement. The availability of many means of transportation is in direct proportion to the growth of lubricants suppliers and manufacturers in India. These companies play a significant role in industrial oil, motor oil, grease, engine oils and lubricants. Let’s check out lubricant suppliers that are well known for their brand name and their high-quality production.

Below Are The Topmost Well Known and Very Reliable Lubricants Suppliers in India

  • Velvex

The lubricant brand of Nandan Petrochem Ltd. was introduced to the Indian market in the year 2012. The credentials of NPL include a 25+ years of experience in the lubricant industry, expertise with OEMs and a collaboration with German technology, making VELVEX a right combination of premium products being delivered of the right quality at the right price to the consumers. The inspiration behind the brand name VELVEX comes from the word “velvet” – the product being as smooth and premium.

  • Honda

When mentioning the honda engine oil brand, their genuine engine oil is superior quality for four strokes engine. It helps in providing the list benefits as compared to other premium-quality engine oils. 

  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Servo Lubricant

Servo engine oil brand is one of the leading engine oil brands and lubricants. It’s known to be the largest oil and gas company in India. It was listed as the first fortune India 500 list in 2018.

  • Veedol

Tidewater is an oil company that manufactures lubricants and is also a marketer of veedol engine oil brands in India and across the globe.

  • Castrol India Limited

Castrol brand provides a wide range of automotives, lubricants, greases, and motor engine oil. It is a leading manufacturer and distributor of engine oil, taking control of most of the lubricants market in India.

  • Gulf Lubricants

Gulf has emerged to be among the top leading lubricants suppliers in India. It is part of the Hinduja group, with Mahendra Singh as their brand ambassador.

  • Shell India Market Private Limited

Shell is among the topmost lubricants suppliers globally and one key retaining business India with the public sector of Indian oil and lubricants. Being among India’s global best lubricants suppliers, they offer formulation for your vehicle to expand most numbers of petrol pumps.

  • Valvoline Cummins LTD

Valvoline engine oil brand has been known to be a subsidiary of Ashland inc. since 1949. It appears to be one of the most prominent commercial and industrial lubricants brands supplying excellent products since the 1860s. Since then, it has not cut down the quality of its product.

  • Mobil 1 

Mobil 1 is an oil manufacturing company that offers automotive lubricating products and different kinds of engine oil. Mobil 1 engine oil brand products include synthetic motor, gear lubricants, and oil filters.

  • GS Caltex

Gs Caltex is an oil refining company in South Korea that GS groups and chevron own. Its operations involve the production of high-quality premium engine oil for diesel engine cars, motorcycles. It’s also one of the leading automotives lubricants manufacturers in India.

  • Motul

Motul lubricants suppliers are manufactures of engine oils, motorcycles and lubricants for automotives industries. It’s a French company that is also in the business of greases and coolants. They are also specialists in synthetic oil products.


Lubricants, engine oil and motor oils are always helpful in ensuring smooth running if motorcycles, trucks, and cars engine is smooth. If you demand quality service and products, the listing of these top lubricants suppliers in India should help you.