Whether you are conducting thermal processes for refineries, steel, or another industry, Microthermics’s industrial burners can assist you to reach your effectiveness, safety, and environmental aims. Our technology powers thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers, and much more, whilst treating emissions and increasing efficacy. Treat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) formed in refineries and petrochemical plants with Microthermics’ Thermal Process Solutions. Our ITAS thermal oxidizers and ITAS incinerators can be customized to meet your plant’s requirements, and come with a full variety of design and onsite services, trimmings, and tools to optimize your emissions treatment. A Pillard Incinerator SystemTM can be arranged to your plant’s exact specifics: For waste gases, VOCs, and liquids with no ashes, H incinerators are an efficient and compact resolution For liquids containing ashes and solid particles, V incinerators facilitate by-product revival and avert accumulation with a vertical combustion chamber Liquid and gas waste can be handled with M incinerators, mainly suited to treating tail and process gas, low lean vapor compression (LVC) gas, air and VOCs, air and hydrocarbon droplets, and volatile vapors lessen air pollution by treating chlorinated solvent vapors with Pillard CHL-VOC turnkey ignition units

Microthermics has resolutions for VOC abatement in any industry. Our experts can assist you each step of the way, from design to the fitting and your gear lifecycle. Ranging in power from 5,000 to 250,000 Nm3/h, ITAS Rigetherm® regenerative thermal oxidizers can be fully automative for remote monitoring and support. Microthermics has efficient and densely packed resolutions for steel and forging. Our experienced squad of engineers can design custom resolutions, including completely automotive mechanical assemblies to carry out thermal processing.


Microthermics’ technology provides Ultra-low and low-NOx options. The Pillard NEUTRINOxTM injects urea- or ammonia-based solution in the heat zone between 850˚C (1,562˚F) and 1,100˚C (2,012˚F), decreasing NO and NO2. We make use of computational fluid dynamic modeling to find the ideal injection point. You can select the low- or Ultra-low model, as per your emissions requirements.

As part of its R&D initiatives, Microthermics aims to proffer resolutions that recurrently foresee the requirements of industrial companies in terms of profitability, performance, quality, safety, and environmental protection. A major outline in the development of the industry of the future, Microthermics strives each day to emphasize that industry can do it – our dictum. It’s a worldwide leader in the production of thermal process solutions for chemicals, and engineered materials. Beyond providing gear, systems, and contract processing services, we also present process consulting services to assist our customers in optimizing their processing operations. 

Our Consultation Capabilities

Our thermal processing consulting services are the main part of our overall business profile. We perform consultation services as a means of assisting customers to recognize and execute resolutions into their production procedures, whether that be a new application being considered or respecifying an accessible one. These services may include partaking in a client study, respecifying gear, and developmental testing on production-scale gear for proof of concept and follow-on sample material campaigning.