Web designing is the process of creating, conceptualizing, arranging, and planning content online. Today, web designing is developing and improving each day in many different aspects. Web design also includes mobile apps, web apps, and user interface design. Web designing is the creation of pages and websites to reflect a brand or company and information to provide a user-friendly experience. 

According to Oliver Wood PWD Design and appearance are incorporated as important elements whether you are designing a website for an app or just maintaining content on a web page. In web designing, the goals of a website are identified and accessibility is also promoted for all potential users. This process involves managing and organizing images and content across a series of integrating applications, pages, and other interactive elements. According to Oliver Wood, a web designer can perform tasks such as: 

  • Choosing attractive and unique color schemes that also provides easy-to-read fonts
  • Selecting easy-to-read fonts
  • Implementing a company’s identity into the fonts, colors, and layout
  • Placing text, images, text, videos, application, and also other elements
  • Making optimized versions of pages and websites both for mobile viewing and desktop 

According to Oliver Wood, web designing is the process that allows designers to change to any choices and provide an effective solution. He also suggested elements of web designing. Let’s have a look at some of them:


The layout of a website is how the material is shown on a page. Choosing a suitable layout is an essential task for any designer. It should be intuitive, accessible, and simple. Web designers can also use a blank area which is also called white spaces to manage the elements of the website with grid-based designs to arrange and keep them in order. Designers can also create a specific layout for mobile devices and desktop screens. Mobile-friendly websites are a requirement because many visitors access sites on their tablets or smartphones. 

Color Scheme

It is the combination of different types of colors that is in harmony with the industry and brands it represents. To attain this, they will pick the main color and a few more to create a palette. A color palette can be complementary or monochromatic. Designers can also account for what types of colors are more suitable and attractive. 


Readability refers to the ease of reading different types of content on a webpage. The text on the sites should be easy to read so that visitors spend time on maximum things rather than only on reading the text content. Web designers can attain this by choosing the correct size and pixel for the test. The contrast between the background and text of the website also enhances the readability. Oliver Wood PWD is a recognized and experienced web designer in Australia. With his capabilities as a web designer, he has made some brilliant designs for his clients in the last several years. Along with this, he also keeps on suggesting the points related to web designing to help the other web designers out there.