The life coach term came to the surface only in the late 1990s and 2000s. Someone who guides and assists you in leading a more satisfying life can be categorized as a life coach. They can help you make most of your time, find purpose in life, abet in achieving certain professional or relationship goals, and so on. Becoming a life coach has now become a rather preferable choice. Even people today prefer consulting a life coach to a therapist. 


There are quite a few numbers of fields when it comes to life coaches. Unlike therapists and psychological specialists, Life coaches do not/cannot assist you with anxiety, depression, or other psychological ailments. But, the following are some of the main areas/fields for which people consult a coach.

  • Financial life coach 
  • Health and fitness life coach
  • Career life coach
  • Relationship and social interaction coach
  • Addiction and sobriety coach
  • Spiritual coach
  • Sports coach

Becoming a life coach doesn’t need any professional training or certification most of the time. And consultation by a life coach is more informal and unconventional. Thus, making them more approachable and easier to talk to


In the lifestyle of today, people live a very busy and hectic life. Resulting in several issues like lack of social interaction, disrupting relationships, dissatisfaction in work and career and so on. Thus, people go to seek advice and consultation from a life coach who not only guides their clients to sort the issue at hand but also helps them build a better daily cycle that may also prevent any repetition of a similar issue in the future. 

Now depending on the life coach and his/her area of expertise, they may deploy different techniques and methods to assist their clients.

From more formal discussions in-person to more casual impromptu skype calls, every life coach employs a different approach to help the clients. The major techniques and methodology include personal as well as group discussions, daily/weekly/monthly tasks, assessment both self as well as by the coach to measure the progress, in person or call appointments, and reminders for daily tasks or follow up calls for daily diet plans among other things.

Now, if you are someone who requires someone who can push you to do better, meet your yearly goals, overcome some fears, chart out a viable career plan, be your sobriety coach to keep you on track to get clean, or simply someone to motivate you to live a better life, then life coaches are perfect for you.

Over different portals and platforms, you can find a life coach who suits your need and whose technique is mutually agreeable to you. You can find a large range of life coaches depending on your budget and the time span that you require.

But if you are thinking of becoming a life coach as you feel the need to help people and have the potential for it, you can find certain platforms through which you can start your career as a life coach.