If you have been struggling to establish a consistent meditation practice or want to deepen your understanding and experience of meditation, Loka Yoga’s School Online Meditation Training is the perfect opportunity for you. The comprehensive 10-hour training, led by expert teachers, offers a collection of guided meditations, including over 25 different techniques, so you can discover what works best for you.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Online Meditation Training:

Self-Paced Learning

The course is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace, without interruptions or disturbances, in your own time, and at a speed that suits your life.

Video Lectures And Presentations

We have created personal, in-depth video presentations and lectures that provide an in-depth understanding of each meditation technique, including the most popular and well-known styles as well as the less-known techniques.

Collection Of Guided Meditations

The course offers a “meditation buffet” of over 25 different techniques, such as Yoga Nidra, mindfulness, loving kindness, breathwork, and visualizations. MMeditations: visualization mandalas, madrastras, mala meditations, and more The collection of guided meditations ranges from 5 to 45 minutes in length and includes explanations of each technique.

Meditation Community Support Group

We provide a friendly and interactive support group of meditation teachers and students. The community offers support, encouragement, motivation, and ideas when you need them.

Meditation Teacher Training Guide

The course is internationally certified by Yoga Alliance and provides additional resources for those who are already deep into the practice and teaching other styles.

Guide To Changing Habits With Meditation

The 7-week guide provides an opportunity to break bad habits and addictions using meditation.

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime access to a complete accredited meditation training program, providing you with the ability to cultivate a daily practice and integrate meditation into your life.

Unlock The Power Of Meditation

The course offers a deep and more profound meditation experience, setting you up for success in mastering meditation. It can literally be the difference between a successful meditation practice and giving up altogether under the illusion that you cannot meditate.

Join The Meditation Community

You will be invited to join a network of meditation teachers and students from around the world to share knowledge and stories, learn from one another, and connect!

To Summarize:

Loka Yoga’s School Online Meditation Training is the perfect opportunity to unlock the power of meditation and cultivate a daily practice to enjoy the healing benefits and qualities of meditation. With comprehensive training, expert teachers, and a supportive community, you will have all the tools you need to create a truly transformational experience in your meditation practice.