While each LMS has something unique to offer, it means there are some best suited for specific associations than others. As you look for the best LMS for your organization, it’s essential to understand all the primary needs of your system. The best option should meet your expectations. But little matter, there are still other features you need to look for. From Vocalmeet, here are the most critical factors for any LMS.

  • Intuitive Interface

An LMS should be easy to use. However, an essential consideration requires more than a written claim to back it up. While every LMS alleges that it is intuitive, that may not be the case as the association needs to conduct a thorough investigation before making commitments. Consider looking for a trial version to test the interface and see how easy it is to use. Anyone would like a system that’s accessible to first-timers and administrators and in-depth to support growth and advanced operations. 

  • The Right Features for You

A suitable LMS should meet all your expectations and be precisely tailored to your association. However, the needs differ for every organization. For instance, associations with more web-savvy staff and members may need things like robust social media integration and social learning features. In contrast, sales teams may look for features like leaderboards. Consider if it can host a member forum, the educational technology it supports, and its mobile readiness features. 

  • Progress Tracking

You can familiarize this feature if you’ve ever watched a video on an online streaming service. Its feature allows your members to pause, forward, rewind, and continue at any time without redoing the lesson. 

  • Solid Integration Capability

The ability to integrate technology is essential for associations that intend to provide their users with a seamless online experience. LMS should be able to integrate with your website, your eCommerce setup, job boards, social media, etc. It will allow users to move freely around your association’s system and its web of connected sites and administrators to collect and analyze information about the various sections of the system. 

  • Technical Support and Training

Despite how intuitive LMS is, issues will always arise whenever there’s a system breakdown. Such matters may demand extended support or training to be resolved. Your selected system should provide accountable support services for your staff and members. Consider the one that can help both front – and back-end users. 


While hunting down the best LMS can be a personal endeavor for an association, features can benefit each one. According to the Vocalmeet review, ensure you choose an LMS that hits your industry-specific targets and universal LMS needs.