As everyone knows, immigrating to other countries can be very hectic and sometimes troublesome. To protect you from all the trouble related to immigration comes Immigration Lawyers. They represent people who need to resolve their immigration matters. To become an immigration lawyer is a trending career option these days as many people are immigrating to different countries, the most popular being the US.

However, to become an immigration lawyer is not a piece of cake. You need to complete your law degree to start the career or a certificate course in Immigration Law. These courses are easily available online to let you study with more ease. The immigration law course opens many opportunities for the students to start their career in like becoming an immigration field officer or Adjudication Officer or immigrant assistant and more. However, here you will get to know about becoming and fulfilling duties as Immigration Lawyer.

Immigration Lawyer – Work Responsibilities

When working as an Immigration Lawyer, many responsibilities need to be handled carefully and effectively. Immigration Lawyers may help people through the intricate immigration process. The immigration status of an individual affects the other legal matters also like tax law, family law, etc. The immigration attorney needs to be proficient with immigration law.

Immigration Lawyers advise their clients about their legal rights and immigration responsibilities and its process, like, they can help other countries’ citizens in the procedure to increase legitimate status to work in the United States with H-1B program. In this program, the US employers may hire non-US employees with the job skills of their requirement. Now, individuals who are willing to come to the United States for those positions must go through a very complex and scary process. Therefore, they turn to immigration lawyers to assist and help them in understanding and completing this complex immigrating process with ease. They may also help their clients with issues related to visa applications.

Every celebrity has an immigration attorney with them, always, to advise them on necessary visas and also taking care of it. Immigration lawyers are everywhere. They can be found in many different legal settings, like large law firms or small firms specializing in immigration law or government agencies and more.

Being an immigration lawyer doesn’t always mean to be at court fighting with cases. There can be other career options as well for an immigration attorney like teaching immigration law in Law schools. Even Many universities or colleges have their own immigration lawyer to provide consultations to coming students and faculty, be it non-US citizens or US citizens.

Similarly, an Immigration Lawyer can also try their hands on other possibilities like becoming an immigration judge or an elected official and others. Even Criminal Lawyers are always advised to clearly understand the immigration law to advise the non-citizen clients of the immigration consequences of sentences or pleas.

Final Thoughts

Immigration law is suitable for students interested in human rights, international law, criminal law or business law. If you want to become an immigration lawyer, you would first need to complete your degree in law or take an Immigration Certificate Course from a good online academy. With this, you will be available for all those individuals who are need of your help with issues related to the immigration process.