It is not as important as other dental conditions, and discoloring teeth can cost you your confidence and willingness to smile every day. Enhancing the color of your teeth should be as simple as changing your diet while improving your oral care routine. There are many reasons to have tooth discoloration that you might not have considered, and it is because both extrinsic and intrinsic factors can discolor teeth.

Main factors that can cause teeth discoloration. 

Poor Dental Hygiene

This one is probably a well-known fact, but failing to brush or floss daily is one of the crucial contributors to tooth discoloration. In case you don’t brush or floss regularly, this enables food particles and bacteria to hold on somewhere in the corner of your mouth and clasp to your teeth, which can lead to stains.


When it comes to dental hygiene and health, frequent tobacco users have to give it a break. Not only does smoking or chewing tobacco put you at a higher risk of tooth-gum disease and other dental health issues, but it’s also all but confirmed to advance the yellowing of your teeth.

The Ageing Process

It’s a natural phenomenon of aging that our tooth enamel gradually deteriorates over time, and it enables the next layer of the tooth to grow through. As Dentin is yellowish, it may mean that many people’s teeth start to look yellower as they age.


When it comes to maintaining a white and bright smile, some people are just lucky in this case, and others maybe not so much. It also plays a concerning factor in deciding the thickness and brightness of the enamel, which could have a big influence on the color of the teeth.

Certain foods and beverages

They might be delicious, but Tea, Wine, Coffee, or Soda can affect the whiteness of one’s teeth because of their high acidity. As a general thumb rule, if the food could stain your clothes, it can also be liable to stain your teeth, so add brightly colored popsicles or sweets, and so on to this list.

Certain Medications

Specific medications can cause congenital discoloration. To illustrate, if your mother has been using antibiotics during the second half of the pregnancy, then it could feasibly be the reason for your discoloration. Likewise, consuming these antibiotics tabs before you reach the age of 8 perhaps causes discoloration as well.


Understanding the reasonable reasons for tooth discoloration, perhaps it’s time you work with your dentist that is available 24-hours dentist in Leeds to develop a plan for keeping a bright smile. A proper dental health care routine should be including daily flossing and brushing with regular checkups will help, as will cutting short on beverages with high acidic value and quitting smoking for a long time. Beyond these basic strategies, solutions for tooth discoloration are determined on a case-by-case basis, so don’t be shy about soliciting your dentist’s insights for maintaining your pearly whites.