When picking up lingerie, there are numerous factors that a woman usually considers for her comfort level. However, these bras are entirely determined by the phase and age of a female. 

Similarly, when a female reaches her maternity stage, she must wear a maternity bra that provides greater comfort to her. 

These bras are specifically designed for women while keeping a beautiful change in their bodies. When they get pregnant, a woman’s body surpasses through various stages, such as a change in body structure and enlargement of the breast. 

These reasons offer a significant level of comfort to the body. Moreover, your old bra does not provide similar support or comfort while wearing them.

Usually, Maternity Bras are specifically designed with soft fabric with stretchy material, which prevents any underwriting. These Savara Intimates bras can be worn even after the delivery of a baby. Customers can use these maternity bras as nursing bras.

How to choose your maternity bra?

Here we guide you on how a woman can choose the right bra size for herself during the pregnancy period. All you require is a right fit that develops a higher comfort zone and the value of money. These are some common factors that need choosing the right fit for the shopping material in your cart.


Finding the right bra size can be difficult but finding the right size in the maternity bra is also challenging. Since your weight starts to gain, your breast and rib cage gradually expand. 

Therefore, instead of choosing a regular size for your breast, choose one bigger size that keeps your comfort while wearing it. Your size regularly changes throughout the pregnancy period; this causes a change in size. Thus, a more significant size would help you to stay comfortable.


We all know how comfort impacts our daily lives. Minor details on your maternity bra determine the comfort level of a Maternity Bras

Always keep an eye on flexible fabric, extra padded bra, and stretchy material. Try to choose a cotton maternity bra to keep you cool during pregnancy. But any other fabric gives you a chafing feeling. Bra without any underwiring creates a comfortable experience for the user.


Follow the below points to find the right fit for a maternity bra:

  • Without sliding down or riding up, a bra band should be parallel to your back.
  • Your maternity bra’s strap should not fall in or dig in.
  • There should not be any gap or spill, and it must fully cover your breast cup.

All these signs mentioned above are vital for choosing the right fit for a maternity bra. During the pregnancy, choose a bra with the tightest setting with a comfortable fit so that a user can loosen up the straps throughout the nine-month journey period of 9 months.

Where to buy the best quality maternity bra?

Among multiple brands available in the market, choose Savara Intimates which offers all in one range. 

Here, all sizes are available with a comfortable fit for women. More on that, the prices of Savara Intimates brand are entirely reasonable to other brands.