Schools in Australia have been attempting to help pupils reach their full academic potential. The Victorian Education Department has , however, established arrangements to assist gifted youngsters in accelerating through learning programs and reducing their schooling from six to five years. The SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program) is one such endeavor. Select Entry Accelerated Learning is a unique program available at about 39 public Victorian high schools.

It usually begins in Year 7 (so your child takes the test while in Year 6), and these selective entry programs allow your child to attend specific classes that can ‘fast-track’ their education. It contains advanced courses for gifted kids who can work at a faster and higher level. Many Victoria schools offer the SEAL program. Students in this curriculum often finish Years 7-10 in three years rather than four. It helps students with additional time to investigate their options and study extended subjects. They also have a better probability of getting a higher ATAR score.

The Format Of Seal

The Victorian government provides a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program for advanced pupils ready to attend high school. A SEAL program Edutest exam for year 7 consists of five sections, four of which are multiple-choice questions and one of which is an essay. 

  • Written Expression: In this section, your kid has to write a composition but not in their own style. They must respond to the inquiry. The question may instruct them to create a creative, descriptive, narrative, persuasive, expository, or informational work.
  • Reading Comprehension: Your kid will be provided with a number of texts, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cartoons, and more. They’ll have to read the text and assess its significance and implications. This implies that they’ll need a disciplined thought process to go through this portion swiftly.
  • Mathematics: The mathematics test “tests year-level relevant mathematical knowledge, including… measurement, algebra, space, and data.” While some questions may be easy, most are challenging.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Verbal reasoning is primarily concerned with pattern recognition with the use of words and language. Sometimes the language isn’t English; verbal reasoning problems can also be about deciphering a code written in an alien tongue.
  • Numerical reasoning: It’s a multiple-choice exam that assesses the ability to think and reason numerically. Series, matrices, mathematical reasoning, and deductions are all used in the test. Numerical reasoning is concerned with the solution of numerical issues. Your child may be asked to identify a pattern in a number series, choose a number that should go in a number sequence, and do other tasks.


Test Champs: We Provide Students With The Stimulus They Need For Academic Ignition

The schools are in charge of selecting pupils for the program. They develop assessment tests or conduct interviews to determine whether a student is a good fit for the program and how quickly they can complete their courses. The test sample exams are available from Test Champs to assist students in preparing for the enrolling procedure. Students can prepare for the selective high school exams by taking these examinations.

At Test Champs, we have developed example SEAL ( select entry accelerated learning program vic)  examinations to help your child practice and home their mathematics, aptitude, reasoning, logic, and writing abilities. Our sample papers will help students understand what kind of questions may emerge in the tests and how they should approach them. 

Test Champs is here to help students prepare for the SEAL program and the exams. The reason that students begin training for the course in Years 5-6 is so that they have adequate time to prepare. Questions are continually updated to ensure that they are relevant to the test. .