IGNITE is a program designed to stimulate the academic experience for brighter and more intelligent students. Teachers provide more challenging curricula for intellectual students to help them develop higher-order thinking skills. For this program, students are also surrounded by academic peers for flexible pathways and broader study access at all levels. 

The IGNITE selected entry program offers gifted students flexibility to adjust their senior school years as they see fit with these two options:

  1. Follow a compacted course and complete Grades 8-10 in two years instead of three. Students can then choose whether they want to finish Years 11-12 in two or three years, then take university-level subjects in their final year.
  2. Follow an enrichment companion course. For this option, students complete Grades 8-10 at the usual pace, but they learn subjects in more detail compared to their peers. They can accelerate in the subjects where they excel.

Above all, the academic challenge is not the only aim of the IGNITE Program. Once students get access to this program, they reap many benefits beyond the usual academic curriculum. It gives them an opportunity to

  • Develop a lifelong passion for their academic career 
  • Collaborate with peers of similar interests and abilities, and learn in a nurturing environment. 
  • Become competent and master higher-order skills, including ethical understanding and intercultural. 

Getting Into IGNITE Program

If your child has gained entry into the ignite program, it’s time to ensure they are well prepared for the incoming test. One of the most effective ways to get them started is by taking them through several tailor-made IGNITE Program Tests. These practice questions are designed to familiarize them with the test format and the proper way to answer them. The practice questions enhance and prepare students’ reading, critical thinking, and numeracy skills.

Students applying for the IGNITE Program Tests must sit a challenging four-part IGNITE exam. The exams are usually held in February each year, preceding an interview. The entrance program test is open to students for Year 7 entry. The spots available can be limited to hundreds of intelligent students applying every year, so the competition is stiff for the best to get through. Students can sit an IGNITE exam only once. If they take it in Year 6 and fail, they cannot retake the test in Year 7.

The Structure Of Ignite Program Test

It consists Of The Following;

  • Reading Comprehension(45 minutes): 40  Multiple-choice questions
  • Mathematical Reasoning(40 minutes): 30 Multiple-choice questions
  • Abstract Reasoning(30 minutes): 30 Multiple-choice questions
  • Written Expression(25 minutes):  Prompt question.

If you are looking forward to your child’s success in the Ignite program, getting online access to this practice test provides heads-up for your child’s all-around preparation. 

Benefits Of Ignite Practice Test

Most students and parents overlook the importance of practice tests ahead of exams. Practice tests are essential in the aspect of the exposure it provides students. It also instills students’ confidence. Now that you’ve understood the effectiveness of the practice tests, various sites offer selective school test practices, but only some cater to the Ignite programs. With that said, here are some of the benefits students get

  • Builds Stamina

These practice tests are like sprints since students perform under time limits, which can be exhausting for some. With the practice tests, they’ll be able to build their exam endurance. Although the first two tests might seem exhausting, the more they practice, the easier it gets. It also makes them manage time efficiently. 

  • Students Learn The Quirks Of The Exam

The test usually includes what students know and don’t know. They seem to be challenging, as expected. However, the IGNITE program tests are different from other conventional tests hence its benefits.  

  • Students learn to plan their studies accordingly.
  • It boosts students’ confidence during exams by providing students with an understanding of the time constraints,  test structure, and question types.


If your child is fast in catching things and stays a step ahead of peers, then they can gain an entry into the IGNITE program. By getting started with an IGNITE Practice Test, your child gets fantastic options and insight as the exam replicates the format. After the success of these tests, your child can secure admission to one of the top schools. While investing in your child’s academic excellence, proper guidance and practice is essential.