Did you know that 10% of carbon emissions globally are caused by the clothing industry each year? This is because many clothing companies around the globe are making clothes and operating their businesses in an unethical manner without considering their environmental impact. If this trend continues at its current pace, our planet will continue to slide down the road of destruction.

In lighter news, however, the negative effects of the clothing industry have led to the birth and growth of slow fashion. Many clothing brands are now making clothes from eco-friendly fabrics and trying to minimize their environmental impact in the Netherlands.

Clothing made from sustainable materials like hemp, organic cotton, and Pima cotton has a lower environmental impact. Additionally, sustainable clothing is often created by sustainable clothing companies whose primary mission is to create stylish and comfortable clothing while not sacrificing the Environment.

Many brands that sell sustainable clothing in the Netherlands use eco-conscious business models to reduce their environmental footprint. Many sustainable clothing brands use only renewable energy to power their factories. They manufacture clothes, use recycled materials for shipping packaging and produce as little waste as possible.

The Benefits of Sustainable Clothing

Helps Reduce Water Pollution, Carbon Emissions, and Large Amounts of Waste

A majority of top clothing brands source their clothes and manufacture them overseas. This is because it is more cost-effective, but fast fashion and overseas production have a negative impact on the Environment. You will see that sustainable clothing brands either make their clothes in America or in controlled (and ethically-controlled) environments overseas.

Made in USA clothing brands are more reliable and have lower carbon emissions than those made elsewhere. This is due to their close proximity. Online shopping from American-made clothing brands will save you the high carbon emissions associated with shipping overseas.

Popular clothing manufacturing destinations such as India, Bangladesh, and China don’t have any environmental regulations. This means that they can dispose of their waste in an unethical way, polluting the waterways around the world with harmful chemicals and microplastics. The business models of sustainable clothing companies, on the other hand, are built with eco-friendly best practices.

High-Quality Clothes

High-quality clothing is synonymous with sustainable fashion. The fabric that is eco-friendly is stronger, softer, and lasts for many years. Sustainable clothing means you don’t need to keep buying new clothes every day. You cannot be certain that the clothing you purchase from popular brands that are made overseas is of high quality. Although quality control can be done on shipments and products, it is not possible to guarantee that the products will last for many years.

Wrapping Up: Top Benefits of Sustainable Clothing

Every year, the fashion industry contributes the most carbon to the atmosphere. Slow fashion is a movement that encourages sustainable fashion brands to make eco-friendly clothing and run their businesses on a sustainable model.

You can reap many amazing benefits from purchasing sustainable clothing. Shopping for Sustainable Clothing in the Netherlands will make shopping a rewarding experience.