You must be familiar with the term “Intellectual property.” Your mind originates intellectual property, and intellectual property includes inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, and images used in commerce. The creator of the above intellectual property has the right to preserve it from getting copied and prevent it from theft. Therefore, if your work gets used without your permission, You need to save it with the help of copyright protection. 

What is copyright protection? 

If you have created by your something Original literary, cinematography, artistic, musical or dramatic, sound recording works, etc. All of the rights of these are reserved for you. No one can use these things without your permission. If someone uses these intellectual properties without your permission, then you can save them from getting used using copyright protection. Copyright protection is a law that ensures that no one can use your intellectual property unless you permit it. Copyright protection is needed when the original work of authors gets published without their permission and credit these all things taking other parties rather than the creator. Copyright protection was needed to prevent such artistic thefts and bring credibility to work. 

If another person is using your work without your knowledge, you have all rights to preserve it and receive compensation for any earnings they have earned on the back of your work. To encourage the author/creator, copyright protection was needed. 

What qualifies for copyright protection 

Let us discuss the most important part of copyright protection: what qualifies for copyright protection? As discussed below, you have to follow some conditions for protection on your work. 

Novelty: to get copyright protection, your work must be original, or novelty should be in. 

Tangibility: your ideas should be in tangible form. Tangible things have physical structures such as books. 

Your work should possess these properties to get copyright protection unless you cannot take copyright protection. 

Now must be thinking, why not other forms of work such as Ideas or concepts, discoveries, procedures, processes, plans, principles, guidelines, etc., included in copyright? To get a copyrighted work should be in the form of tangible asset and intelligible asset that comes under Trademark or patent. Such methods of law preserve this type of work. 

What is not covered under copyright protection? 

Before putting your allegations on someone, you must know that certain creations do not qualify for copyright, such as Making or building things; scientific or technical methods or discoveries; business operations or processes; mathematical principles; formulas, algorithms; or any other concept, process, or method of operation are not covered by copyright protection. Hope you understand the topic of discussion. We hope you got all the information regarding what qualifies for copyright protection.