Need a beautiful bouquet for a special event? Learn how to make one with White Calla Lily flowers in this post.

After all our time in the garden, building that confidence and finally achieving that perfect bouquet made of flowers, one should not be left out to wilt and die. Gardeners from all over are reminded again about the importance of preservation and documenting their gardens with inspiration from this article. 

Stay tuned for a tutorial on making a gorgeous bouquet with White Calla Lily flowers, complete with tips and tricks on the tools you need!

What Are White Calla Lilies?

Calla lilies are flowering plants belonging to the family Zingiberaceae. The scientific name for calla lily is Zephyranthes candida. Calla lilies are native to South America but have been introduced to other parts of the world and can now be found growing in many places.

White calla lilies are a variety of calla lilies with pure white flowers. The flowers of white calla lilies are cup-shaped and have a greenish-yellow center. The leaves of white calla lilies are long and slender, and they grow in a rosette shape at the base of the plant.

How To Make A Bouquet With White Call Flowers?

Making a bouquet with white call flowers is easy!

  • Start by trimming the stems of your white call flowers, which are about 6  inches long.
  • Gather the stems and wrap them with a rubber band or floral tape. 
  • Take a piece of green floral wire and wrap it around the stems about 2 inches from the bottom.
  • Cut the ends, so they are even, and twist the wire to secure it. Your white calla lily bouquet is now ready to enjoy!

How to Care for White Calla Lilies

When it comes to cut flowers, white calla lily flowers are one of the longest-lasting. They can last up to two weeks in a vase with proper care.

Here are a few tips to keep your white calla lilies looking fresh:

-Cut the stems at an angle using sharp shears. This will help the stems absorb more water. 

-Place the flowers in cool water as soon as possible after cutting the stems. 

-Change the water every other day, and recut the stems each time. 

-Remove any leaves that will fall below the waterline to prevent bacteria from forming. 

-Mist the flowers daily with clean water to keep them hydrated.


The white calla lily is a versatile and elegant flower that can create stunning bouquets.

If you are looking for a unique way to show someone how much you care, consider giving them a bouquet of white calla lily flowers

These flowers will make an impression through their sleek lines and simple beauty.