An intervention is a planned strategy to encourage someone suffering from addiction or mental health issues to seek help. While it is typically employed with those who suffer from substance abuse issues, it can be utilized by anyone who is not seeking treatment or engaging in self-destructive behaviours. Assistedinterventions inc helps with these kinds of therapies.


Interventions may be direct or indirect:

  • Indirect interventions target someone who suffers from another’s mental health problems, often an intimate relative or friend.
  • Direct interventions target the individual considered to require help.

Interventions are often conducted with the help of a counsellor, addiction specialist, or intervention coach. Methods vary. But, the basic method calls for the participation of several family members to maximize the impact on the person who requires help. Every person will explain how the mental or substance abuse health issue has affected them, and, often, the one who is believed to be the most effective-usually child or spouse- speaks at the end. Then, the group recommends that the person take action and describes the consequences of refusing treatment. Often, it is the ending of the relationship. In many cases, the group has arranged treatments already, so all the person needs to do to say yes and immediately attend treatment.


Interventions can be extremely efficient tools to help people get treatment. But they could also cause harm. Intervention participants might have to be ready to cut ties with the individual. If someone is unwilling to receive treatment, it can be extremely difficult for a family in desperate need. There is also a concern that interventions may force patients to undergo treatment even though they’re not completely prepared for it. The chance of relapse is greater among those who have interventions.


The television program of A&E “Intervention” has recently increased general awareness of interventions. The show has featured hundreds of cases that range from addiction to food to anorexia and shows families in their preparations for interventions as well as after an intervention.

Who can benefit from Therapeutic Intervention?

Therapy is a treatment to help those who can’t or cannot get the assistance they require. It is beneficial to a broad spectrum of people, such as those with

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders