Azar Jazestani, a Canadian, is one of the world’s most renowned event planners who, along with her team, ensures that your special days, whether weddings, anniversaries, or surprise birthday parties, be forever etched in your hearts. Her event management company, called Principal planner, makes planning for life’s memorable events a joyful task.

In the words of Azar Jazestani, the main motto of the Principal Planner is to “make you our priority so that you can enjoy everything. So be in the moment, and let us handle the rest.”

She has completed ten years in the business, and on this occasion, she has unveiled a beautiful venue to organize big, fairytale-like occasions. The place is called ‘Maison Principal’ and is counted upon as Montreal’s most luxurious event venue.

Key highlights of Azar Jazestani’s work

1. Full wedding and event management services:- Principal planner is a full-scale event management company that gives minute attention to all the aspects of planning. The team takes care of everything related to the organization of an event or wedding.

2. Global reach: Azar Jazestani has planned thousands of weddings locally and globally. She has a list of clientele from all over the globe, with many big names placing their faith in her.

3. Maison principal, Azar’s elegant venue hall:- Maison Principal, the brainchild of Azar Jazestani, is a beautiful, spacious and luxurious reception hall cum event venue that is very desirable among people. Its decor, interiors, architecture, and hospitality are all specially designed to meet hosts’ expectations.

The philosophy behind Principal planner

The team at Principal planner believes in the notion that life is a book that needs to be filled with beautiful colors. It is not every day that one celebrates a precious day in one’s life. So, when you decide to do so, the Principal Planner team is all there for you. Although it has only four members, the team at Principal planner leaves no stone unturned when it comes to passion and dedication. It makes the planning fun and joyous, taking every responsibility of making the occasions memorable. As such, the hosts are assured that no stress is being given.

The team is well equipped and experienced to handle with utmost care your special days. A story goes around in the circles of the event management industry that Azar Jazestani was told that she was a misfit in this business. During her initial days, bigwigs rejected her, saying she would fail in the event management industry. But, rest, as they say, is history. Young Azar took it in her stride and proved everyone completely wrong. With her passion, hard work, dedication, and perseverance, she not only succeeded but crafted an enviable name and place for herself on the list of event planners.


Azar Jazestani, the woman behind bringing innumerable sweet memories and smiles into the lives of thousands of couples, has shown the inspiring way towards fame and achievement. She is an icon to be watched and followed for her principles of hard work and sustained efforts.