During the day, you touch all manner of dirty surfaces with bacteria and laden. This includes a handle on a train, buttons in the lift in your office building, your mobile phone. All these things are house dirt, germs, and pollutants that can easily be transferred to your skin. Washing your hands and even the use of hand sanitizer has become second nature these days, but is your face getting a similar squeaky-clean treatment? 

Many skincare routines are likely to focus only on making skin look younger, dewier, and tauter. And while all of these are noble beauty causes, it is worth remembering that one of the primary concerns can keep your face sanitized and cleaned. 

Water alone cannot cut it. If you thought that you have clean your face, took a thermal imagining photo, you would be appalled and shocked at the number of bacteria you saw. Thus, for the proper cleaning of your face, you need a good face wash. 

A facial cleanser or face wash is the first step in an at-home skincare routine. In addition, to remove dirt, unwanted surface debris, and dead skin cells a correctly formulated face wash can prime your skin for an improved daily skincare routine. Thus, you need a good facial cleanser that can provide you with an enhanced cleaning for your face. Lets’ have a look at some of the benefits of using a face wash regularly: 

It cleans

Face washes or facial cleansers help to remove oil, dirt, and urban pollutants that cannot be cleaned alone with the water. Charcoal face wash for men can be a very good option when it to comes to remove all the dirt and oil from the face. Charcoal has the great ability to remove dust, dirt, and impurities from your skin. 

It exfoliates 

The face wash does not only just clear your complexion of the icky stuff, it also removes the oil and other debris, helps to reveal a fresh and cleaner layer of skin beneath. Your face can have a natural glow and looks more hydrated, brightened, and fresh after a gentle face wash.

Stimulates the flow

The whole process of massaging face wash grain into the face helps to speed up the flow of blood. Start your day with the charcoal face wash when you shower to clean and awaken your skin in the morning. 


The face wash contains detergents also called ‘surfactants’ which work to eliminate unwanted particles and substances from the outer layer of your skin. These surfactants vary in effectiveness and strength depending on the type of face wash you are using. Thus, when it comes to choosing a great face wash for oily skin mencharcoal face wash can be very effective. As charcoal has the great ability to remove the oil and dirt from your skin, thus it becomes the first choice for most skincare companies to use charcoal in their face washes for better removal of dirt and oil from your skin.