You understand the importance of advertising to draw in and keep clients if you own a business. Perforated vinyl window wraps are one of the greatest methods to advertise your business to your clients, and you may wish to combine them with conventional signage to make the most of every available prime real estate for attracting onlookers and possible clients. You may advertise your company name and logo on your business windows and inform them of the services you provide.

Most companies utilize perforated window decals and graphics for storefront advertising and signage. Additionally, companies typically need perforated window graphics that are both designed and installed, as well as highly customized graphics.

For all kinds of companies, including restaurants, hotels, office buildings, workplaces, and retail shops, perforated window vinyl wraps, and custom vinyl wall graphics offer countless creative options. If you’re wondering whether window graphics are right for your business, read on for ways how perforated vinyl window wraps decals can help you attract customers.

What is Perforated Vinyl Window Wraps?

Perforated vinyl window wraps are window decals that are printed on adhesive vinyl. This vinyl is adhered to your windows and shows off the colorful stickers to passersby. These stickers enable one-way vision. This implies that while everyone who passes by your windows will only see the decals and not the interior of your windows, you may still view the outside world. For instance, some perforated window decals feature a 70/30 ratio (70 percent vinyl material, 30 percent perforations), with the clear holes frequently having a diameter of roughly 1 mm. The decals may keep high-quality visual pictures on the outside and a see-through look on the reverse side thanks to these microscopic holes.

Reasons why We Consider Perforated Vinyl Window Graphics? 

They assist you in giving prospective clients more information.

Next time you’re driving around town, pay attention to the structures; how many of them made it plain what the firm did?

With window graphics, you can clearly state what you do and why people should care, unlike most company signs which provide very little information on why a customer should visit that store.

They are Simple to Replace!

This style of signage has the advantage of being very simple to alter or entirely replace with fresh information. This enables you to quickly advertise monthly discounts, alter business hours and information, and promote seasonal bargains and items.

You want to raise brand awareness.

Want to improve the approachability of your business? Perforated vinyl window covers highlight what makes your company unique while raising awareness and guiding customers through your customer experience.

Some benefits of perforated Vinyl Window Film Graphics include:

  • Designs that stand out and are bold may be observed from a considerable distance.
  • A layer of seclusion is added when the windows are completely covered. 
  • Heat penetration is decreased.
  • Lets in some natural light


You should look into vinyl window wrap as a low-cost marketing option right now. While conveying the information to your audience, makes your store’s outside more attractive. You should get one today!

At lucent graphics solutions, we know how essential well-designed window graphics are to instill interest in your business and improve your customers’ overall experience. We pay attention to your design goals and specialize in a broad range of premium printed and perforated vinyl window wraps Call us at 877-582-3680 to schedule a consultation or get a price quotation right away!