You have discovered it. It is here. This is the home you have always wanted! The perfect place to live is an elegant home with the required space and location that will be your home for the next generation. It is all you need to feel. You have gone to the open house, looked around, and it is all perfect… isn’t it?

If you are lucky, you have spent just a few minutes in the open house getting by other potential buyers, all with the same questions. How much could you do in a half-hour? Are you aware of the things you are checking for? There is no doubt that there will not be anything at an open house that the seller and the selling agent do not explicitly design to cause you to think, “BUY me!”. There is little opportunity to speak to hundreds of people, so many distractions exist. You can be sure that you will miss some things, and it is also fair to suppose that lots of potential issues have been hiding because the vendor is trying to make a sale.

A pre-building inspection report prepared by an experienced, certified, and insured assessor will help you avoid many problems later on and even ensure that you are paying the correct price for your home. A few advantages of investing a little in a Building Inspection Report can help you.

Finance Approval

If you are trying to get a mortgage, it is common for lenders to ask for an independent Building Inspection Report submission. Sometimes, motivated sellers can prepare their reports or use reports from previous ones. However, considering that a seller seeks the highest quality report to secure the highest possible value for their home, it is best to be cautious. A certified building inspector can convince the lender that you intend to purchase a suitable property valued correctly, which will likely avoid any financial difficulties for the lender. Approval of a loan can be lengthy, but a Building Inspection Report can help speed up the process.

Market Value

Despite the likelihood of increasing interest rates, the housing market remains more competitive than it has ever been for homeowners and investors. A thorough Building Inspection report can uncover concealed damage, ineffective repairs in the past, and potential future problems. The appearance of a house that is now well-maintained and ready for occupancy may be a “renovator’s delight” with a new coating of paint. It is essential to ensure that you buy a property and not just a few years of luxury eating with termites. The presence of any issues could be vital in pricing negotiations and guaranteeing that your investment is worth it.

What is a Building Inspection look for?

Following the Australian Standard, a Building Inspection Report must include complete details of the condition of the areas that are:

  • Inside the interior
  • Outside of the building
  • Sub-Floor space
  • Roof space
  • The exterior of the roof
  • The property is located within 30m of the building

From these areas, you can find a myriad of issues like the strength of the structure of your house and its conformity with The Building Code Of Australia and local regulations for planning, damages caused by pests or water damage or ingress, mold, ventilation and drainage issues, and so on. The report can suggest the best course of action to address any issues discovered and give you a precise estimate of the potential financial expense, laying an advantage when negotiating the most reasonable price.

Do all Building Inspections the same?

Not all Building Inspection providers are the same. Some companies provide a general service that allows them to increase the number of inspections they perform in one day. The reports are all written in the same manner, and it is reasonable to conclude that speed does not necessarily mean precision. Great Australian property and building inspections recognize that to give the most detailed report, with particular attention to the elements of your home, it should take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. With 35% of properties containing some flaws, an Inspection report by Exceptional Building Inspections can give peace of mind and assurance you require to purchase the house you have always wanted. The inspector you choose has the credentials with experience, expertise, and insurance that will give you complete confidence in his evaluation.