Working as a travel physical therapist can be an exciting and rewarding career choice for licensed physical therapists. As a travel PT, you have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience while also earning a lucrative salary and exploring new places. Below are five of the key benefits of travel physical therapist Jobs.

1. See the Country While Getting Paid

Travelling and seeing new cities and towns across the nation while earning a living is one of the greatest benefits of being a paid travel physical therapist. Every 13 week travel assignment brings you to a new destination where you can immerse yourself in new surroundings and cultures.

Travel PTs have the flexibility to choose assignments based on location, climate, setting, or other preferences. You may find yourself working anywhere from bustling cities like New York and Los Angeles to scenic small towns and communities. As a traveler, you will have far more control over your work locale than most professionals.

2. Earn an Excellent Salary

In addition to travel opportunities, travel PTs also earn excellent salaries. Travel physical therapy positions typically offer higher pay than permanent staff positions. This allows you to explore the country while also earning generous compensation.

According to data from the Physical Therapist Salary Guide, travel PTs earn an average of $1,479 per week (around $77,000 annually). With each additional year of experience your weekly pay increases. Many assignments also offer stipends, bonuses, paid lodging, and other benefits. The high earning potential makes a travel PT career financially rewarding.

3. Gain Valuable Professional Experience

Travel Physical Therapist Jobs allow you to gain experience across diverse settings and patient populations. Travelers often provide coverage wherever needed, which leads to working with a wide variety of cases and conditions. This diversity and flexibility leads to accelerated professional development.

As a traveler, you may fill positions across settings like hospitals, private practices, schools, skilled nursing facilities, and more. You’ll treat patients throughout their lifespan facing conditions due to surgery, illness, injury, chronic disease, developmental delays, and varied medical needs. This breadth of experience allows you to expand your skill set.

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4. Enjoy Independence & Adventure

Travel physical therapy assignments are temporary, usually lasting around 13 weeks in length. This allows qualified candidates to enjoy independence and adventure between assignments.

You can use your paid time off between assignments to tackle your personal bucket list. Some common activities travel PTs pursue during their downtime include international travel, hiking, water sports, recreational sports leagues, festivals, taking educational courses, and more.

Additionally, you are not permanently committed thanks to the temporary assignments. You can accept assignments that work for your personal lifestyle needs and priorities at any given moment. The flexibility and autonomy lead to high job satisfaction.

5. Expand Your Professional Network

Working alongside new therapy teams on a regular basis allows travel PTs to rapidly expand their professional networks. Travelers connect with an array of staff members including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, nurses, physicians, administrators, support personnel, and more.

Developing relationships with providers across the country can enhance your career through mentorship, future job prospects, referral networks, and knowledge exchange. Many travel PTs maintain connections made on previous assignments for decades to come. Experienced travellers also frequently mention the benefit of making lifelong personal friendships.

Next Steps for Prospective Travel Physical Therapist Jobs

If you hold an active physical therapist license and are eager for adventure, independence, and acceleration. Then career growth potential as a travel therapist may be the right career move for you. To get started:

  • Research travel companies and browse open positions to find assignments matching your interests
  • Enhance your resume by gaining 1-2 years of clinical experience in your specialty
  • Interview with recruiters and select an agency that will support your career goals
  • Accept an assignment and prepare for rewarding work, travel, and high-earning potential!

The travel PT lifestyle offers phenomenal benefits for licensed physical therapists wanting exposure, variety, earnings, and life experience. Now is an exciting time to join this in-demand field.