Now 48, still 6’5”, stacked and inked, Josh Homme is infused with rock machismo emasculating his surroundings by proxy. The Californian songwriter and guitarist Josh Homme set from his rumblings in Kyuss to the more eclectic The Dessert Sessions, QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal, and beyond the touchstone for the rock music time after time. 

Here is a look at some of his greatest moments across his career:

Starting Kyuss at 14

Though a lot of musicians start their debut groups around the same age, it wasn’t just any rock band in Josh’s case. Besides, the albums that followed epitomize the stoner rock movement, making way for the path behind the beat Sabbathian fuzz. Instead, he created something big when heavy sounds were much more angular. They called themselves Katzenjammer initially before rebranding as Sons of Kyuss. Josh Homme was just 16 years old when he recorded the Sons of Kyuss EP.

The trio of the Chris Goss 

Chris Goss, Masters of Reality stoner guru, co-produced the three albums of Kyuss, which sets the standard for down-tuned heaviness and psychedelic mastery. To be honest, it is pretty tough to pick a favorite out of The Circus Leaves Town, Welcome to Sky Valley, and Blues for the Red Sun. The quartet used to perform at the desert parties, famously known as generator parties, as it used gas generators for electricity. It melted the minds of the local audience. 

Became a Front Man

Post one EP and splitting of Kyuss, the Queens of the Stone Age released the first self-titled album in 1998, with Josh Homme placed at the center stage once again managing the guitars and vocal duties. The album was recorded and written single-handedly, making it a courageous move for the axeman. The songs like You Would Know If Only and Regular John demonstrated a more direct and new approach in his creative ventures. 

Getting Inked to Memorialize His Worst Gig

In 2001, at Germany’s Rock Am Ring Festival, QOTSA described it as their “worst show ever.” The soundman Hutch, joined by Mark Lanegan and Nick Oliveri, got a tattoo that says ​‘Freitag 4:15’. That’s something unique and incredible move.

Forming a Super Group with John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl 

It is rare to really live up to the promises as a supergroup as done by Them Crooked Vultures. They had their collective noise married flavors of the celebrated music without feeling predictable and obvious. It wasn’t the first in 2009 that Dave Grohl and Josh Homme had collaborated. The Foo Fighters/Nirvana legend has joined before in QOTSA for Songs For The Deaf album, including the tour. And it’s not the last, as Homme appeared on the Sound City documentary. 

Hailing from Palm Desert, California-based musician Josh Homme has a unique style of music that is defined as unconventional and dynamic. Besides being a living rock legend that has created eclectic music, Homme is a family man. Josh Homme married Brody Dalle in 2005 and had their first child in 2006. Together they are raising a daughter and two sons.