AdBlue is a fluid that helps to remove harmful substances from diesel cars. It is essential for your car’s safety. It is important to know where it goes in your car, why a diesel car requires it, what is its function, how much it is required, and how to buy AdBlue near me. Continue reading to learn more.

What’s AdBlue?

AdBlue is a liquid that is added to diesel cars. It reduces harmful emissions. AdBlue is the brand name for diesel exhaust fluid. It is a mixture of distilled water, urea, and fertilizers. It is non-toxic, colorless, and has a slightly sweet scent. Although it can feel a little sticky if you have any, it is easy to wash off.

Why Is A Diesel Car Required To Have AdBlue?

AdBlue reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) from your car’s exhaust. These NOx emissions result from the combustion process, which is the burning of fuel and air in an engine to produce the power that drives a car. These emissions have been linked with respiratory conditions that can severely affect people’s health. Even though a single car emits very little NOx, adding up thousands of diesel can make the air quality in your city or town much worse. 

What Does AdBlue Do?

AdBlue is used in a car’s selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system. It is automatically injected into the car’s exhaust system, where it mixes with exhaust gases, including NOx. AdBlue reacts to the NOx and is broken down into harmless oxygen or nitrogen. It then disperses into the atmosphere. AdBlue does not eliminate all NOx emissions from your car, but it greatly reduces them.

How Much AdBlue Should My Car Use?

There is no fixed rate at which cars consume AdBlue. It takes most cars several thousand miles before the AdBlue tank is empty. Some cars can go as far as 10,000 miles without needing to refill their AdBlue tank. Contrary to popular belief, AdBlue does not mean that you will burn more fuel.

How Can I Find Out How Much AdBlue Is Still In My Car?

AdBlue cars have a gauge on the dashboard that shows how much time is remaining. To view the gauge, consult your owner’s manual. The warning light will be visible on the driver’s dashboard long before the AdBlue tank is empty.

What Happens To AdBlue If My Car Runs low?

AdBlue should not be left in your car. If your car runs out of AdBlue, it will turn on ‘limp mode, which dramatically reduces engine power to maintain legal NOx emissions. The driver will be notified and advised to refill the AdBlue tank immediately.

It is best to not turn off the engine until you have more AdBlue. Otherwise, the engine will likely restart. Running out of AdBlue can cause an engine to go into limp mode. If there are any serious problems with the engine, gearbox, or transmission while driving, the limp mode will be activated. This model is designed to keep your car moving and prevent any further damage.

From where can I buy AdBlue near Me?

You can buy AdBlue from the majority of filling stations near you and the big branded online platforms too.