If you’re interested in adding additional Legendary Pokemon Bundles to your collection in Pokemon Go, here’s a listing of all the Legendaries currently available and some of the most effective ways to catch these legendary creatures.

Since the first Pokemon games came out via the Game Boy in the 1990s, Legendaries have been the most sought-after Pokemon by trainers of all age groups. They’re powerful, cool, and extremely scarce – which is why everyone would like to have them.

Suppose you’re looking for classics such as Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, as well as newer additions such as Solgaleo and Lunala on the map. In that case, you’ll surely be pleased to learn that most Legendaries are on Pokemon Go – although there are some notable exceptions.

Here are the details on each Legendary Pokemon that’s made its debut in Pokemon Go, the ones currently available through Raid Battles, and some suggestions for catching them after they’ve been defeated.

If you think that fans-favourite Pokemon such as Darkrai and Deoxys does not appear in this list, they’re Mythical creatures and not Legendaries.

Many Mythical Pokemon are also only obtained by completing time-limited Special Research stories, so it’s not always possible to acquire them in any other manner.

How do you find and capture Legendaries on Pokemon Go?

The best way to get the Legendary In Pokemon Go is first to be able to defeat one in a 5-Star Raid Battle. The battles take place in Gyms where you’ll require a team-up with an additional five trainers to win.

When you’ve defeated the Legendary and won, you’ll receive only a few Premier Balls to attempt to catch the Legendary. The catch rate is extremely low, so there’s never an assurance that you’ll capture an actual Legendary that you’ve just defeated.

Increase your chances of securing Excellent Throws and Curve Balls. Additionally, you can get more premium Balls that you can throw after doing effectively in battles or in a gym that is in line with your team’s colours.

It is important to ensure you have sufficient Raid Passes before going Legendary hunting. However, you’ll require these items for participation. Here’s a step-by-step guide to having more Remote Raid Passes here.

There’s a slight difference in how things work for the Galarian variants: Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. These three regional versions can only be found in the wild using a Daily Adventure Incense. However, it’s extremely difficult to see these three varieties.

Cosmog is also different compared to different Legendaries available in the game. One way to acquire one is to complete this Cosmic Companion Special Research story. This story’s completion is how to transform it into Solgaleo and Lunala.

What Legendary Pokemon are available to be spotted?

In December 2022, trainers can expect to meet Virizion, Terrakion, Cobalion and Kyurem at various times.

Niantic frequently changes the Legendaries featured in the 5-Star Raid Battles. Therefore the best method to stay current with the latest events is to look through the Raid Boss guide, which is updated monthly.

It is usually just one Legendary available for capture at a time. However, this can change in the event of a special occasion. In Pokemon Go Fest 2021, for instance, the entire Legendary appeared!

Which Legendaries are missing from Pokemon Go?

The following Legendaries aren’t making the Pokemon Go debut yet:

  • Zygarde
  • Type Null
  • Silvally
  • Necrozma
  • Eternatus
  • Kubfu
  • Urshifu
  • Regieleki
  • Regidrago
  • Glastrier
  • The Spectre
  • Calyrex
  • Enamor

Each Pokemon will likely be in Pokemon Go shortly; however, it is a possibility of a long wait because Niantic is known only to release several new Legendaries every year.