Underwear lines can sometimes be pesky, revealing beneath your favourite dress, pants, or skirt. Therefore, while dressing up for a special occasion, remember that thong bikinis help eliminate underwear lines and are comfortable as they come. However, most women underestimate the idea of their reputation of being uncomfortable. It’s essential to avoid falling for such a reputation as they are overblown. Think of bikinis as the most comfortable, classy, and sophisticated items you’d love. 

What Is Thong Bikini 

If you haven’t known it yet, bikinis have a history dating back to ancient times, although we can imagine how less comfortable they were. But thankfully, the now itty-bitty bikinis have humbler days as the thicker and two pieces of fabric tied together to cover a person’s modesty. Modern-day bikinis are the more comfortable fabric that supports a narrow strip of cloth between the cheeks with full frontal coverage. 

What To Know While Wearing Thong Bikini

If you are after no VPL, then bikinis are what you should look for. They help to reduce the likelihood with their natural thin style. If you want to get rid of underwear lines, here are essential things to remember, and opt for seamfree types or string styles such as Australian bikinis.

  • Find The Right Thong Bikini For You

While most people understand the general concept of thongs, they come in several styles, from traditional to G-string bikinis and tanga thongs. If you are wearing it for the first time, start with a tanga, as it can hide your panty lines without that “wedgie” feeling. 

  • Bikinis Are More Comfortable Than They Appear

Although not everyone would go for bikinis, they are comfortable as they appear. Despite the fabric sliding up between your bum like getting a wedgie, you’ll get accustomed to it rather quickly. as stated earlier, it may take some time to get used to, so don’t give up after just one day. As a first-timer, it might cause a little bit of discomfort. Still, you’ll become a bikini enthusiast for life.

  • Pay Attention To Bikini Fabrics

While selecting your bikini, you must pay attention to fabric as most of them are designed in anything from lace to spandex. However, Australian bikinis assure you of the maximum comfort you are looking for since you don’t need an irritating fabric, which may lead to chafing, trapped heat, moisture, or worse.

  • Always Check Your Bikini Rise

If you’ve noticed, bikinis tend to rise above the belt line whenever you sit or squat, creating a ” whale tale .” However, you can avoid this by testing your bikini rise in front of a mirror. for rising bikini cases, here are ways to avoid it or prevent it from being seen;

  • Wear a belt
  • Wear a long shirt
  • Switch styles
  • Avoid low-rise jeans or shorts

How To Wear Your Bikini Safely

While cotton thongs are probably the most hygienic style, don’t fret, as bikinis can still include other materials that are still hygienic. Here are top tips to ensure you maintain your hygiene and your private parts are looked after

  • Change your thongs daily—it helps in stopping the spread of bacteria
  • Choose a larger size— going up a size in your bikini offers you more comfort and breathability


Are you a bikini enthusiast, and do you feel it? Australian bikinis are all this season’s hottest shades to keep that bum looking beautiful. While there are different ways to wear them, we are not here to tell you when you should or shouldn’t be wearing a bikini. Shop for your favourite style and enjoy your summertime.