Welcome to Bargain Birdy, your go-to platform for connecting with private housing estates and becoming an exclusive supplier. We understand the importance of effective promotional projects, and our mission is to help merchants and companies like yours tap into this untapped market. With BB, you can unlock a world of opportunities to showcase your products and services to the residents of housing estates, while enjoying the benefits of increased sales and brand visibility. Let’s dive into the details of what makes BB the perfect choice for your promotional needs.

Exclusive Discounts, Delivered Safely and On Time

At BB, we prioritize the safety and convenience of all participants. Our carefully designed project discounts are delivered directly to the participating housing estates through reliable postal inspectors. You can trust us to handle the logistics, ensuring that your exclusive offers reach the residents promptly and securely. By partnering with BB, you gain access to a wide customer base, creating opportunities for increased revenue and customer loyalty.

Maximizing Savings with the Sharing Economy

We believe in the power of the sharing economy to provide mutually beneficial outcomes. When you join forces with BB, you’ll enjoy the advantages of saving at least double the funds to achieve the same benefits. Our innovative approach allows residents to maximize their savings, while you, as a selected merchant, can leverage this economic model to boost your business. By offering attractive discounts and promotions through BB, you’ll attract a larger audience and significantly enhance your sales potential.

Trustworthy and Results-Driven

BB operates with a strong emphasis on trust and results. Our project director actively collects and analyzes feedback from residents, ensuring that your promotions align with their preferences and needs. We continuously strive to attract new sources of clients, increasing the return rates for both the housing estates and participating merchants. With Bargain Birdy, you can have confidence in our dedication to achieving exceptional outcomes for your business.

Comprehensive Support for Promotional Success

As a selected merchant, you gain access to a range of low-cost and high-efficiency promotion opportunities through BB. Our expert team excels in content construction, leveraging district data, questionnaire surveys, and resident responses to create the most attractive discounts and promotions. If you lack design experience, worry not! We have a professional design team ready to assist you in crafting visually appealing promotional materials.

Moreover, we are committed to supporting local printing in Hong Kong, ensuring better control over printing quality and turnaround time. Once the printing process is complete, we handle the delivery arrangements, ensuring timely distribution based on the latest regional information.

Simple and Quick Process

We understand the importance of a streamlined process, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business. At BB, our selection process consists of just three steps:

  1. Fill In The Company Contact Information Including Industry And Promotion

Provide us with your company’s contact information, industry details, and a brief overview of the promotion you wish to offer. This information allows us to understand your business better.

  1. The Program Director Talks To You To Learn More About Your Business

Our program director will personally connect with you to gain deeper insights into your business goals and tailor the promotional project to your specific requirements. This personalized approach ensures that we create a promotion that resonates with your target audience.

  1. Integrate All Information And Submit To The District Committee

Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we consolidate it and submit it to the district committee. Our efficient process ensures that your promotion moves forward swiftly, getting you closer to reaching your marketing objectives.

In conclusion!

Bargain Birdy offers an exceptional platform for merchants and companies seeking exclusive promotional opportunities within private housing estates. With our dedication to safety, savings, and results, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to support your promotional success. By joining forces with BB, you can unlock new avenues for business growth, maximize your savings, and connect with a targeted customer base.
Experience the power of BB and elevate your promotions to new heights. Contact us today to get started!