For too long, Hollywood has told viewers of color that shows that featured diverse casts were not able for them to become famous. The 1990s and early 2000s witnessed a flood of black entertainment website and dramas and sitcoms like Martin, Living Single, Girlfriends, and A Different World ruling the broadcasting. By the mid-nineties, the shows with Black actors were relegated to favor with the more “mainstream” programming.

However, things have changed.

The excitement of the return of Mara Akil’s successful show, The Game, shattered records to become the highest-rated sitcom in cable television history when it aired in 2011 on BET 2011. We are now seeing a variety of shows with Black actors and characters. In addition, Hollywood is fast learning that Black viewers don’t just love these shows, but others are also enjoying them.

According to a recent report from Nielsen, ABC’s Black-ish series, Secrets and Lies, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder and the Fox’s Pitch and Rosewood; HBO’s Insecure, and FX’s Atlanta all average over 50% non-black viewership. Also, shows like the NBC show This Is Us have Black characters and are a big popular with viewers from every background.

Many people believe that last year was a fantastic year for Black individuals, both on the big and the small screen. If it is an ongoing shift in Hollywood is yet to be determined. We sure would like to see this trend continue.

The Top Black Entertainment Shows to Watch

The War on Indigenous Seeds

The person who controls the land also contains the seeds. The one who manages the sources is the one who is in charge of harvesting as well as the chain of food. The one who controls the food chain is in control of the population. While we, as Africans, have been sleeping in the dark, evil women and men as multinational corporations have been stealing and destroying our organic seeds in order to replace them with genetically engineered seeds, and it’s time to awaken and stop them before we lose everything for our children or the future Generation of Afrikans.

Road to Stardom  

Nigerian actor Aaron Sunday is enjoying a great time on the set of “Road To Stardom” which is directed by Hadunni Oluwawa. The film is written by Afolabi Silver… Aaron is definitely having a fantastic professional experience playing the role of a character that is a physical therapist.


Onitemi is an intimate comedy that reveals the adorable “tom & Jerry” character that characterizes Sefunmi and Segun’s wedding. They’re unable to live together during a rough time and tense relationship, yet they’re in love regardless. On the other hand of the spectrum are Damola and Tito. They are in court but are incredibly in love. Tito, as the woman, believes it’s time to move their relationship to the next stage, but Damola would like to buy time due to his financial worries.

Where to Watch?

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