Make your event shine with a personalized LED neon sign! Any celebration would be complete with our neon signs hung as decorations. This includes birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, and more. The attendees will love taking pictures with them, and the bar, dance floor, and overall atmosphere of your event will be much enhanced.

We also provide a special wholesale rate for those in the event planning and decorating industries. Send us a message, and we’ll do our best to assist you with your neon sign plans. Whether it’s your name or a fun phrase, personalized beauty neon signs are a fantastic addition to any area. They are a great way to inject personality and fun into your home with a splash of color. Each sign has a remote and dimmer so that the brightness may be adjusted to your liking.

They are perfect house décor for a kid’s room, an office, a man cave, or anything else! The sign may be customized to fit the decor of any space. These days, many people choose to have their own personalized LED neon name signs since they seem so calm.

Why Us

We’re a studio in Australia specializing in neon and LED art and signs. Whether for a birthday party, a gender reveals, a company or product launch, a wedding, a wedding reception, a restaurant, a café, or a corporate or retail location, our work may be customized to fit your needs.

We pair each client with a dedicated designer to provide the best possible one-on-one service. We make it real for you when you choose the color, font, and size you want. Free mockups of your unique neon sign design are included with every transaction. As usual, we’re here to answer any questions and suggest how to proceed.

Our fast and thorough responses to consumer inquiries are a source of great pride. With our prompt service, there will be no delay in getting your neon sign up and running.

Our goal is to develop lasting connections with every one of our clients and business partners, so we take the time to customize every order. Our LED Neon displays are built on sturdy, transparent acrylic easels, stands, or cases. Holes have been predrilled in the rear for hanging or mounting. Our displays are lightweight and straightforward to run on battery.

Custom led signs tubes, used to create our signs, are shatterproof and non-toxic. LED bulbs don’t become hot to the touch and are safe to use. When it comes to designing unique neon signs that will create an impact on your clients, the team at Neon Attack is quick to go beyond the box. The trendy LED neon signs and neon art decorations will get people talking about your company and produce free publicity via social media sharing.

The staff at BULBED NEON’s goal is to broaden participation in the arts by providing customers with customizable, fashionable neon lights that are simple to create.

No longer can you make up an excuse for not increasing the light. BULBED NEON is a top-tier online neon sign company because of the variety of signs it produces in terms of dimensions, hues, and surface treatments. To do the art we produce, we need a group of people like these. No matter what you like, we can help you realize your artistic potential.

Neon signs with your company’s logo displayed prominently in a storefront window are an inexpensive and effective form of outdoor advertising. A branded neon sign or visual décor may inspire and encourage workers.