Dan Izhaky bio 

Dan Izhaky, a former New York stockbroker, is president of United Safety Tech, a startup poised to open a new N95 mask factory. As an accomplished leader and seasoned professional, he defines UST’s strategic objectives, outlines its policies, and implements the framework necessary for goal attainment. He launches the firm during the pandemic, aiming to decrease countries relying on medical supplies from international manufacturing. Dan implements his 30 years of experience in finance, communication, research, and analytics to the company overseeing all of kts business aspects with a dedicated focus on setting its strategic direction, developing key partnerships and positioning the company for future growth.

With him at USTs starting, they are tackling reshoring of PPE manufacturing back to the USA. UST’s main objective is to bring back manufacturing of critical PPE to the USA while ensuring their medical team and first responders never face shortages. They are also hiring talents in financial technology, trading, risk management and investments across the early development stages of the firm and established players. Their focus is still on the initial production of N95 respirators and laid the groundwork for expansion into additional personal protective equipment categories. The main aim is to return high-quality medical manufacturing to the U.S. and reduce foreign supply reliance.

Dan Izhaky studied at Vassar. he started his career on wall Street and worked for two decades as a trader. Also, he saved as a vice president of Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equity Division.

Dan Izhaky Past Work Experience 

2014-2017: workes as the CEO at PSC

August 2003 – June 2010: founder and CEO at TTSNY Inc

June 1998 – October 2003: V.P. Inst Equity Division at Morgan Stanley

He worked on the Program Trading Desk as both an Agency And Principal Trader, traded Firm Risk and customer portfolios, and handled complex trades such as Blind Risk Bids, Risk EFP, and Index Add/Deletes. he was also involved in multiple Russel rebalance trades. He was an institutional Sales trader on the electronic execution/program trading desk.

1991 – 1998: V.P. Sales Trading at Investment Technology Group

Dan Izhakys Education Background:

1986 – 1991: Vassar College



As the CEO of UST, Dan Izhaky ensures the firm enables buyers to reduce reliance on foreign suppliers. It makes the firm among the leading companies that bring about the manufacturing of lifesaving PPE products back to our shores. Dan’s interests and activities include golf, tennis, fishing, surfing and parenting.