At Evertrust Developments, we are committed to creating luxury living experiences that prioritize happy and healthy lifestyles. With over 20 years of experience in real estate development, we are proud to be a leading company in the Canadian market.

About Dr. Ted Jiancheng Zhou

Dr. Ted Jiancheng Zhou, Founder and President of Evertrust Development, is a respected international businessman and scholar with over 25 years of global experience as a real estate developer.

Evertrust Development Group has transcended brick and mortar and incorporated a commitment to building communities that are happy, healthy, high-end, and affordable. As a result, Dr. Ted Zhou’s real estate projects are not infused with lifestyle amenities but dedicated to social responsibility within the neighbourhoods where developments begin.

Developing Happy and Healthy Lifestyles

Evertrust Developments is committed to developing happy and healthy lifestyles across Canada, and Dr. Ted Zhou has been a driving force behind this mission. He understands that creating communities where people can thrive means building homes that are not only luxurious but also promote health and wellness. 

Building Luxurious Lifestyles

Evertrust Developments delivers an exceptional quality of life for its residents through extensive, high-quality amenities, breathtaking views, and customer-centric values. To create an environment that promotes well-being, happiness, and luxury. From the architecture to the landscaping, every element of an Evertrust Developments project enhances the lifestyle of its residents.

In addition to luxury amenities, Evertrust Developments is committed to environmental sustainability. The company incorporates green building practices into every project, reducing its carbon footprint and promoting a healthier environment for residents.

Personal and Business Excellence

Dr. Ted Zhou’s pursuit of personal and business excellence is evident in his ongoing education and commitment to superior quality in every project. Dr. Zhou has also formed his own construction company, TQC Construction, a registered Tarion builder, to ensure the highest quality in Evertrust Developments Group.

Transcending Brick and Mortar

At Evertrust Development Group, Dr. Ted Zhou’s commitment to building luxurious communities goes beyond brick and mortar. His vision incorporates a deep commitment to social responsibility and community-building.

This approach has earned Dr. Ted Jiancheng Zhou and Evertrust Development Group a reputation for excellence and innovation in the industry. With projects in over ten cities across two provinces, Evertrust Developments is at the forefront of luxury real estate development in Canada. Each project is infused with lifestyle amenities and dedicated to social responsibility within the surrounding neighbourhoods.