Dr. Ted Jiancheng Zhou is a well-known academic and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience working in the building and development industries and the founder of Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.

Dr. Ted Zhou has vast experience in many fields, such as residential, commercial, hospital, and other industries globally.

Evertrust Development Group has had very rapid growth due to its unique and successful approach to the market.

Evertrust is distinctive in that it offers investments to the people who buy it and the community as Happy Lifestyle Providers, and the guidance of Founder Dr. Ted Zhou, the company’s mission is to provide the residents with the best possible amenities so that they can enjoy a fulfilling life the Evertrust underlying philosophy is that the communities it produces should be happy, healthy, high end and affordable. The organization is “customer-oriented” in all it does means that everything it does on providing customers with the most outstanding value possible for their money.

Dr. Ted Jiancheng Zhou recently formed his own licenced construction company: TQC Construction Group. The HCRA has granted TQC Construction Group a license and the company with Tarion as a builder. TQC is in an excellent position to regulate the amount of time spent on construction tightly, the project’s quality, and the building’s expenses, in addition to providing customers with high-quality construction control services because it has a first-class and professional construction team. In addition, TQC is in an excellent position to provide customers with high-quality construction management services.