Faycal blends technical expertise with a collaborative management approach in large and small projects. Stay updated on Faycal for further information!

Faycal Rafiq is a multilingual professional in the luxury retail industry with vast sales, marketing, business development, and operations expertise. He most recently served as the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Boutique Director.

Faycal Rafiq was born in Casablanca and reared there. In the United Kingdom, he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies, earning an MA in business management. 


Faycal, a multilingual luxury retail professional with expertise in sales, marketing, business development, and operations, is a joy to work with. Faycal Rafiq has been selected to launch our first Beverly Hills location, which will open shortly. 

Rafiq was born and raised in Casablanca before continuing his studies in the United Kingdom, where he earned an MA in Business Administration. He’s also visited France, Spain, and the United States. Rafiq speaks French, Arabic, English, Spanish, and Italian and enjoys spending time with his family and children, swimming, exercising, and cooking when he is not working. Furthermore, he is an American Association of University Professors member.

Rafiq has also lived in France, America, and Spain. He is fluent in French, Arabic, English, Spanish, and Italian, among other languages.

Ways to go ahead!

He has restructured the store and assembled a team of professionals dedicated to increasing the brand’s visibility in the Los Angeles market. Rafiq is establishing himself as a capable problem solver who enjoys supporting company success while improving overall efficiency inside the organization. 

Rafiq gives commercial insights and tried-and-tested ways to promote smooth operations and reach sales targets using his analytical talents and practical knowledge in several retail markets.

Two-In-One Persona

Faycal combines technical knowledge with a collaborative management style that is second to none in big and small projects. Consequently, Rafiq can network with colleagues and suppliers of all degrees and ethnic origins. He also enjoys working under time restrictions and meeting deadlines that go above and beyond.

Career success

Rafiq’s career has achieved remarkable success in the luxury fashion, watch, and jewelry sectors in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. He has contributed significantly to large-scale SAP integrations, flagship boutique debuts, and pop-up development initiatives, among other things. 

Rafiq combines technical competence with a wholly collaborative management style, interacting with colleagues and suppliers from diverse organizational and cultural backgrounds, whether working on big or small projects. He enjoys the challenge of meeting and surpassing expectations when given a chance to work under tight timelines.

Final point

Faycal brings to the table a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sector of luxury commerce. With this job, he has restructured the store and assembled a team of professionals dedicated to increasing the brand’s presence in the Los Angeles market. 

He is establishing himself as a top-tier problem solver who enjoys raising the store’s performance and improving its overall operational efficacy.