Like any other sport, Football is consideredone of the universal sport played around the whole world. When it comes to football, the tactics have evolved over the years. However, the game plan and the right strategies can help you to succeed in the game. Along with it, hard work and the firm determination is the key to achieve transformations in the game.

Having experience of 15 years in football, Stefan Motzo – A Football Coach from Germany, realized that he holds enough skillsets to train aspiring sportspersons to pursue their career in football. Stefan illustrates that every player needs intelligence, accurate playing techniques, and a mindset to play the game. However, regular practice sessions in the team help to unlock the potentials of the players.

Every team chooses the strategies according to the skill sets of the players. Going for offensive football strategies, the tight end, running backs, and receivers have enough skills to catch passes. So, every team needs to have balanced attacks to keep the defense team guessing while playing the game. This tactic changes the game style making game more interesting. 

Stefan demonstrates the use of wing play in football. He says that it focuses to play the ball wide down on both sides of the field. Stefan says identifying weakness in the opposing defense, exposes the attacks down the wings. Apart from it, he perceives the strengths and weaknesses of the players because it lets him know the strength of his players. 

Stefan illustrates that the combination game emphasizes teamwork and cooperation. The game is played between the eleven players and needs a team effort that is performed with the overall efforts. He trains the sportsperson by enhancing their gaming skills in more intelligent ways. He also motivates the players to keep their spirits on and be committed to their goals.

On the final Note, Stefan Motzo – A Football Coach from Germany, inspires aspiring players to pursue their careers as a sportsperson. He motivates them by concentrating on their strengths by working on their weaknesses. By directing and aiding the players, Stefan is working on the players to discover new abilities in them and bring successful players to the world of football. Stefan plays a significant part to turn a player into the best performer. Stefan states that you can follow these tactics to develop your gaming strategies to succeed in the game.