We collaborated with NOVA 93.7 and MOJO Urban Living for the grand prize. Over six weeks, Perth residents from all occupations joined Nathan, Nat, and Shaun’s PostCode PayDay contest to win a House and Land Package in MOJO’s Cockburn Central Estate, valued at $500,000. Our winning draw was not the last chapter. After winning $20,000, Blair decided to try her luck at winning a House and Land Package worth $500,000. The task assigned to her was to choose two numbers and cross her fingers that one of the envelopes contained a cartoon representation of a home.

Attention, New House Hunters

So, this is your first time constructing a house. Wow. Achieving that much is remarkable. Purchasing a home is indeed a major life choice, but it also has the potential to be one of the most satisfying. If you provide it to the correct people, they’ll help you see things more clearly and answer any issues that have arisen. Before you know it, you’ll have the keys to your ideal house and all the satisfaction of being a homeowner.

Homebuyers centre perth has spent the last three decades helping Perth families find their first homes, so we understand what’s most important to you. It makes sense to have us lead you on this thrilling adventure. What we do best is help people like you move into brand-new houses that don’t break the bank. Without a hitch and sooner than you may imagine, aspirations of house ownership should be respected at any cost. Always. Our expectations are rather lofty. Likewise, you should. Because of our Quality Assurance Guarantees, you may confidently construct your ideal house knowing that it will meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.

So Why Go With Us?

As a reputable construction company, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest quality service, affordable homes, and the least stressful construction processes.

We at the homebuyers centre Perth  think that a low-cost house can still be high-quality, that goals can and should be surpassed rather than just reached, and that the journey to homeownership may and should be like riding a travelator.

Our house plans are built to the same high standards despite their differences. And so will you. Plus, you’ll have a great time working on projects with us.

In Addition, Several Premium Features Come As Standard

Money is important. With our partners at Resolve Finance, we make it easy for you to become a homeowner. They know what they are talking about. Additionally, they are experts in locating the most suitable and cost-effective mortgage for your needs. They will deal with all the complicated financial matters on your behalf. Then you can focus on the fun parts, like picking out a stunning house plan and moving in as soon as possible.