Day after day unfolds with a rhythm that seamlessly weaves together language sessions and awe-inspiring excursions. Mornings commence with the harmony of breakfast and Spanish classes, setting the tone for a day teeming with adventure. Yet, it’s not just about conjugating verbs; it’s about practicing amidst the locals, aboard public buses, and within the cultural tapestry of spending 2 weeks in South America.

Enjoy The Vibe: Grasp The Culture, Much More! 

Embark on a mosaic of experiences in the Galapagos Traveling Classroom, where each day weaves together the freshest seafood delights, snorkeling amidst marine wonders, and choices like surfing lessons or serene beach indulgences. Amidst nature’s allure, delve into the islands’ unique conservation culture.

This immersive journey unfolds layers of history and nature: from iconic Giant Tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Station to contemplation at the Muro de las Lágrimas penal colony.

Progressing days deepen immersion—ocean vistas at the extinct Santa Cruz volcano, and tranquil kayaking at Garrapatero Beach, culminating in the exploration of Isabela Island’s diverse ecosystem.

“EcuaWonders: 14-Day Aqua Adventure in Ecuador”

Setting Foot in Paradise: San Cristobal Island

Boardwalk Strolls and Fresh Seafood

Your journey kicks off with a flavorful plunge into the world of freshly caught seafood, followed by an afternoon of immersive Spanish lessons. As the sun sets, a stroll along the boardwalk sets the tone for what’s to come.

Snorkeling Adventures at La Lobería

Sea Lions and Marine Iguanas Await

From morning Spanish classes to an aquatic rendezvous in the turquoise waters, day two promises encounters with sea lions and marine iguanas. Evenings offer a chance to unwind amidst island rhythms.

Surf Lessons or Beach Lounging? Your Choice!

San Cristobal’s Beauty Unveiled

Day three unveils options: ride the waves with surf lessons or embrace relaxation on San Cristobal’s stunning beaches. The day concludes with a seaside dinner among sea lion spectators.

Highland Exploration and Conservation Insight, An Abstract to 2 Weeks in South America

Discovering San Cristobal’s Richness

Delve into the island’s highlands, exploring native flora and discovering the heart of Galapagos conservation efforts. Evenings offer a taste of local cuisine and preparation for the next adventure.

Dolphin-Spotted Ferry Ride to Santa Cruz Island

Sunsets and Spanish Amidst Dolphins

As you ferry to Santa Cruz Island, keep watch for dolphins en route. Dive into Spanish classes and savor free time to bask in the island’s offerings, including its captivating sunsets.

Darwin’s Legacy: Charles Darwin Research Station

Giant Tortoises and Island Insights

Immerse yourself in the Galapagos’ natural history at the research station, followed by an evening stroll along Puerto Aroya’s boardwalk, indulging in fresh-from-the-sea delights.

Nature’s Wonderland: Tortuga Bay Adventures

From Turtles to Canoe Rides

Day seven invites immersion in nature’s splendor. Breakfast, Spanish classes, and a trek to Tortuga Bay promise encounters with tortoises, marine iguanas, and a serene canoe ride.

Volcanic Marvels and Wild Tortoise Spotting

Santa Cruz’s Exotic Landscape Beckons

Explore the extinct Santa Cruz volcano’s lava tunnels and panoramic views, seeking glimpses of wild Giant Tortoises in their natural habitat.

Garrapatero Beach: Kayaking and Serenity

An Afternoon of Coastal Bliss

Spend the afternoon kayaking and swimming in the warm waters of Garrapatero Beach, capped off with a relaxing dinner amidst the island’s tranquility.

Isabela Island Bound: Exploration Awaits

Largest Island, Unique Flora, and Fauna

Embark on a boat ride to Isabela Island, setting the stage for exploration amid the archipelago’s largest island and its diverse ecosystem.

Journey to the Past: Muro de las Lágrimas

Reflecting on Galapagos’ History

Explore the remnants of a penal colony, ascend the Muro de las Lágrimas, and ponder the island’s contrast between beauty and a complex past.

Underwater Wonders and Beach Bliss at Puerto Villamil

Snorkeling Delights and Beachside Relaxation

Discover the treasures beneath the waves, followed by an afternoon of leisure at Puerto Villamil Beach.

Volcano Hiking Adventure: Sierra Negra Exploration

Witnessing Nature’s Fury

Experience the awe-inspiring caldron of the active Sierra Negra volcano and return to town for a well-deserved evening of relaxation.

Santa Cruz’s Farewell and Exploration Day

Final Explorations in the Galapagos

A day of free exploration in Santa Cruz Island before bidding farewell to this premiere tourist haven.

Departure: Breakfast and Farewell to Galapagos

The End of an Immersive Journey

The curtain falls on this immersive odyssey with breakfast and departure to Baltra Airport, bidding adieu to the Galapagos’ natural splendor.


This 14-day Aqua Adventure in Ecuador through the Galapagos Traveling Classroom intertwines language learning with the archipelago’s breathtaking wonders. It’s a journey of cultural immersion, snorkeling amidst marine marvels, and encounters with iconic wildlife. Beyond language sessions, it’s shared meals, camaraderie, and reflections on nature’s beauty. As the voyage concludes, it leaves behind a legacy of enriched minds, deeper connections, and a profound appreciation for the astonishing landscapes in a tenure of 2 weeks in South America —a transformative experience etched in hearts for a lifetime.