JEE Mains is one of the most competitive exams taken by the students of Science streams for getting admission in their dream engineering colleges. With the latest guidelines issued by NTA, there are probable chances that JEE Mains will be conducted in August 2021. This exam requires a lot of patience, hard work, and perseverance to excel. But, while preparing for this there are times that you feel demotivated or disheartened. This is the scenario faced by most of the aspirants and to remain focussed in such a situation becomes a very crucial task.

There are some best books for JEE Mains 2021 that you can consider for your preparation. Oswaal JEE Mains solved paper is one of the ultimate gateways to lead you in the right direction. Let’s see how you can remain focused on your preparation to score maximum for the exam.

Tips to remain focussed to score maximum

1. Have a well-designed study plan

Having a designated plan for the preparation will not only make you feel motivated but will also help you efficiently work towards your goal. You should realize that in which topics or subjects you need to devote more time as compared to the other where you have stronger command. With the assistance of Oswaal JEE Mains Sample Papers, you can get in-depth knowledge of chapter-wise and topic-wise materials for preparation. You can use these sample papers for the systematic learning process.

2. Use innovative techniques for preparation

Competitive exams like JEE are not only about solving the paper but are also about solving the exam in the stipulated time with various shortcuts and tricks. You should try practicing as much as you can. This will help you save time on the day of the exam. Sometimes you take a longer time to solve a particular question. This can be the reason behind your lost focus. But you always need to remind yourself that practice is the key to success. Oswaal JEE Mains Sample Paper allows you to learn with the mind maps for better retention. You will even witness the subjective type questions in the books for extensive practice and drill down.

3. Read from fewer theoretical Books

If you prefer an extensive number of theoretical books then there are higher chances that you may get confused and lose your focus. So, it is always advisable to refer to only a limited amount of theoretical books for preparation. You can refer to the Owaal Sample Papers for JEE Mains that gives you video lectures for hybrid learning and you will also come across JEE Main 2020 question paper to prepare you according to the latest exam pattern.

4. Take short breaks

Preparing in a single go for longer durations will make your mind tired. This will ultimately reduce your focussing power. So, it becomes imperative that you take short breaks in between your preparation for a better learning experience. This will help you regain your confidence and give a fresh start after a small break.

5. Practice previous year papers

Practicing the JEE Mains previous year’s question papers will help you get a better insight into the exam. This will help you stay focussed and keep the distractions at a bay from your preparation. You can take the help of Oswaal JEE mains Sample Papers. They come equipped with a solved JEE Main 2020 question paper that helps you get acquainted with the latest trend and patterns in the examination. You will also encounter the various commonly made mistakes by the students during the exams and how you can avoid them to score maximum.

Final Thoughts

JEE Mains requires a lot of dedication and hard work to excel. But, you also need to be smart enough to accelerate your performance and stay focused. Oswaal JEE Mains Sample Papers are a true guide to offer you the best study material with all the required tips and previous year papers to ease your preparation journey. So, hurry up and get the one for you to boost up your preparation!!