When it comes to the architecture of Las Vegas, it has various great buildings that are made by talented and skilled architects such as Leesa Fazal. Leesa is working assiduously for the last more than 2 years and delivering some excellent projects in different parts of Las Vegas. Leesa Fazal always focuses on making the building designs unique in terms of styling. This is the result of extreme efforts and hard work of the architects like Leesa Fazal that the architecture of Las Vegas has its different identification across the world. 

Talking about her architectural designs, she is pro-efficient in making commercial, residential, as well as corporate building designs. Leesa Fazal always provides an architectural model which is a form of a scale model that simulates the ideal and physical representation of an actual structure. With the help of these models, Leesa and her team of Leesa Fazal Architects study the different aspects of an architectural design and also discuss the design ideas. By doing this, they can enhance the design in many ways and also make it more stylish if required.

Leesa Fazal also provides a conceptual design which is one of the important services in the field of the architectural field. A conceptual design is provided in the early phase of the designing process as it consists of broad outlines of function and different forms of the architecture. It incorporates the design of experiences, strategies, interactions, and processes. A conceptual design also helps in determining the clients’ needs and those needs and changes can be met with various products, services, and processes.

In addition, Leesa also possesses a great extent in making green building designs. These designs are eco-friendly and energy-efficient which leaves a nominal impact on the environment. Leesa also has good knowledge in the field of aerodynamic, shading, sun, and properties of the material used in the project as these are the essentials to make a green building design. With her pro-efficiency and excellent drafting skills, she keeps an eye on every detail of the project to make it better in every aspect.   

In Las Vegas, Leesa Fazal is working constantly to provide excellent architectural designs. Her organizational, planning, and project management skills show her passion and determination for her profession. With an analytical mind and excellent ability to solve the complications in the architectural design and model, Leesa Fazal always manages to build excellent and creative building designs. Due to her good leadership qualities, she always works well with the different team members of her firm Leesa Fazal Architects.