NEET exam is one of the most competitive and exhaustive exams that every medical aspirant dream to crack. This exam checks the core medical knowledge of the students in different medical subjects. When it comes to biology it accounts for 50% of the total NEET score. The NEET exam consists of 90 questions from the biology section only which accounts for a large proportion of overallmarks. But the main question that haunts most of the aspirants that how they can score well in biology? What is the strategy they can employ to score maximum? So, here we have come up with a proper roadmap that you can follow to score great in biology. You can also refer to some of the best books for NEET 2021.

Tips to Score Maximum in Biology

To score the highest marks in biology, you can gradually use these tips to gear up your preparation.

1. Make Elaborative Diagrams

Biology is the core subject that requires making descriptive diagrams and being acquainted with them by heart. Once you start preparing for biology make sure that you make descriptive diagrams with all the required markings so that you can memorize them effortlessly and you can perform well on the day of the exam. Oswaal’s book is there to guide you through this journey and make it super smooth for you. You can refer to the NEET sample paper 2021 that contains NEET previous years’ question papers. You will get them in a solved fashion so that you can accelerate your preparation.

2. Familiarise yourself with important chapters

Before starting the preparation for biology, you must know the important chapters from where you can score maximum. Preparing the important chapters well in advance will not only boost your score but will also boost your confidence to fetch good marks. Try to make a meticulous timetable so that you can devote most of your time to preparing these topics. Oswaal books provide you with the NEET Question Bank that also consists of the NEET 2020 question paper so that you remain aware of the latest marking scheme. You can get this book in the hybrid edition that will ease your learning.

3. Take NEET Mock Tests

Taking the NEET mock tests will help you prepare for the day of the examination. Once you take the mock test, you can easily analyze your performance and you can check the areas where you have the strength and where you are lacking. This will help you work on those areas where you require special attention. Once you get the Oswaal Mock Test for NEET 2021, then you can make your preparation more seamless. The mock tests contain 15 sample papers that are extensively designed to meet the requirements of the NEET exam.

4. Revise Thoroughly

Once you have prepared well for the day of the exam it becomes imperative that you revise the concepts thoroughly and make the most out of them. Fetching a good score in the NEET exam requires a lot of perseverance and hard work and if you do it passionately then no one can stop you from achieving your goals. Make flashcards to remember the formulas. Oswaal NEET solved papers come very handy in this aspect. You can use the mind maps to boost your revision.

5. Practice previous year papers

When you practice the previous year’s paper then you not only become with the latest trend in topics but you also come across some important topics. Oswaal books consist of previous year’s questions of NEET and AIPMT so that you can practice them and introspect where you need to put more focus.

Final Thoughts

To score good marks in biology, you just need to follow these tips and practice efficiently. These are the key factors that can play a vital role in boosting your preparation. You can take the assistance of the Oswaal Books to practice the previous year’s papers and boost up your preparation.