Using video cameras to improve building security is not a new concept. The majority of people have heard of commercial CCTV cameras, often known as closed-circuit television systems, and many security experts have worked with on-site company surveillance systems. However, the security market is expanding, and there are now more possibilities for corporate security surveillance systems than ever before. While commercial video surveillance can help increase security, there are some critical factors to consider that will maximize the system’s visibility and performance over time. 

Network security should be a prime consideration for your enterprise, but you should never disregard your physical security either. Installing a surveillance system is a good way for you to protect your company. 

Advanced Security Consulting:

Advanced Security Consultants (ASC) is an experienced security consulting firm that specialises in building bespoke solutions that incorporate the best of today’s cutting-edge technologies. ASC has over 20 years of combined experience and will guide you through any security or low-voltage installation. We can prepare RFPs, assist you in interviewing and selecting vendors, and project manage installations. We are specialists in dealing with security surveillance systems. 

Benefits Of Surveillance System:

A Heightened Sense Of Security

When you install a surveillance system, you are protecting your company. This security provides peace of mind. You and your workers may operate freely without fear of intrusions or theft, which reduces stress throughout the organization. Employees are also less likely to worry about harassment and other difficulties as a result of the monitoring system’s proof, allowing them to relax more in the workplace.

Enhanced Productivity

Employees tend to waste less time when they are aware that they are being recorded. 20% of the average workday is spent on “crucial” and “important” tasks, whereas 80% of the average workday is spent on “low value” or “no value” things. Any obvious time-wasting events caught on video can be reprimanded.

At the same time, if an employee goes above and above to help others, they can be rewarded. The video from either of these events is useful for training and HR purposes. There is always the question of employee privacy with surveillance equipment. To avoid needless surveillance, we recommend examining footage only when necessary. Because your employees relish being protected, not observed.

No More Admin Headaches

Not all cases of harassment are reported. Video surveillance systems, replete with timestamps and replayable footage, provide incontrovertible documentation of happenings. They may also be able to record audio depending on the system. If an issue arises (such as a physical altercation or harassment case), you can check the film to receive an unbiased perspective on what occurred. As a result, HR hassles are reduced because you have solid proof to conclude instances decisively.

Reduced Crime Chances

Most people associate video surveillance with cameras installed to catch criminals in the act. While this is one of its functions, they also work to prevent crimes from occurring in the first place. Cameras put in and around your business’s premises help curb damage and theft.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Though it varies per instance, having a video monitoring system in place can significantly cut insurance prices. With cameras installed, you can safeguard your company from bogus workers’ compensation claims, harassment, and liability claims, as well as reduce crime. In other words, it minimizes your chances of being sued. As a result, your insurance premiums will be reduced in the long run.

Additional Features That A Good Survellience System Provide:


A motion-triggered office video surveillance system will record video when it detects movement within the frame. This might help you save money on data storage and uploads for your commercial monitoring equipment. This option is handy for monitoring less active areas or only recording specific events.

Continuous Recording

A video surveillance system can record everything 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Continuous video monitoring may be required in locations with frequent activity, such as a lobby or parking lot. Continuous recording, on the other hand, consumes more data and storage space. Determine your company’s video surveillance and retention criteria based on your space, compliance requirements, and security demands.

Weatherproof Cameras

If your business requires cameras to be mounted outside, you’ll need hardware that can withstand the elements. Commercial outdoor security cameras are resistant to harsh temperatures, rain, snow, and other severe weather conditions.

Our Promise:

We work with 20 years of experience and promise to deter criminals and help law enforcement quickly catch any would-be thieves. Also, these systems can improve accountability among your employees and help you monitor productivity. Our specialist consultants educate businesses on how to optimise their existing solutions and business operations to maximise bottom-line benefits. In addition, we offer complete system design for new construction and renovation projects. Contact us if you want any type of security consultancy!